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From time to time, for various reasons, I take pictures or sets of pictures at places other than rallies and events that feature two or more of the items we have preserved, and since they generally don't fit into any other section, I have created this section to display the best of them.

Seeing Triple!

During the weekend after we got FRA1 moved to Methil, it occurred to us to pose it up alongside FPE88 & FRD187, as a lineup of Fife buses like that is rare even at bus rallies. So with all three buses basking in the May sunshine, we were Seeing Triple!

Another Bus Lineup!

Another May weekend, another sunny day, Another Bus Lineup!

A Few August 'Decker Pics!

We weren't really out to get pictures this time, but we did need to take FRA1 for a test run inside the yard at Methil West, and since it was dry and fairly bright I took the chance to get A Few August 'Decker Pics!

And A Fleetline Makes Four!

By the first weekend in October of 2009 FRF63, although not yet fully serviceable, was just able to crawl out of it's usual parking space to allow us to take better pictures of it after it's summer repaint. And since we had to move some of them anyway, we created a lineup of Four Ex-Fifers In A Row!

Bus Shunting & Other Pictures!

On 25th October 2009, we took FRF63 for a short test run and in the process swopped it's parking position with that of FRA1. And here are the pictures under the title Bus Shunting & Other Pictures!

Preservation Corner In The Snow!

Snow came early in the winter of 2010-11, and thus I got an early chance to get some pictures of Preservation Corner In The Snow!

Triple Double Deckers!

On 15/1/11 we had occasion to start and move all three of the double-deckers in 'Preservation Corner', and took the chance to get pictures of Triple Double Deckers!


The title says it all - here is my first attempt to take pictures of a couple of our buses Floodlit!

An Ailsa Came Calling...

Not often we get a visit from another preserved bus, and the one that visited us in October 2012 was a Tayside relative of FRA1! See the pictures you can get when Tayside 273 Drops In!

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