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Hello and welcome to the 'J-Files', which are an archive of pictures and information about the preservation projects I am involved with. In some cases I own the preserved item, and in other cases I am a co-owner, and some are owned by my friends, but whatever the actual ownership, we all help look after all of them!

Sulzer Power!

My absolute favourite diesel railway locomotive type  is the BRCW Type 2 known as the Class 26. So (with help) I bought one! Find out about how 26040 made it into preservation and what has happened since!

High Or Low?

Well both really, as my first stab at bus preservation in 1994 was a share in an ex-Fife Bristol Lodekka bus, which is definitely a high vehicle, but is very low for a double-decker! Travel in style with FRD187 !

Small Cat?

Coming from Clackmannanshire I couldn't resist preserving an ex-Alexanders Midland bus, It might not be the cutest 'big cat' in captivity, but may well be the rarest, for it might just be the last Y-Type Tiger Cub !

Tough Stuff!

My friend Alistair had always wanted to own a JCB, so when he discovered an old 1970s one was for sale, he couldn't resist it! He was good enough to let me have a small share in it (doubtless to ensure my help restoring it!), so drop by for a look at MSC103T !

Bound For Valhalla?

No, but it is a Viking - in this case a totally Scottish one! Meet FNV 15 - Our Albion Viking!

Moving Trains!

For us, trains on the move isn't a regular occurrence, but by September 2002 it was long overdue. Visit this special section about the two September days that 26040 and the rest off our rolling stock were Heading West!

'Fleet' By Name...

In 1997, we helped a fellow preservationist bring a serviceable ex-Fife Daimler Fleetline back to Scotland for preservation. Six years on however, my friend Alistair ended up buying it off him as he had other projects and not enough time or money! Six years on again, and we got to work to restore it! However even if it has taken a while, it is well worth the effort as FRF63 is almost the last Fife Fleetline!

Blast From The Past!

In June 2004, we were unexpectedly offered a 1960s JCB by fellow preservationists and naturally said 'Yes' at once. More typically, we had to move it quite quickly, and then had to do a lot of work to restore it! However it was well worth it as AGE748B is a most interesting 'Blast From The Past'!

Big Cat!

In September 2006, my friend George decided to take the plunge and be the prime mover behind preserving a bus of his choice, which turned out to be an ex-Fife 1977 Y-Type Leyland Leopard then owned by Stagecoach Strathtay! However despite being already on the road, and behaving itself initially, it turned out that this big cat wasn't in the best of health... Meet FPE88 !

Long Term Project!

Back in 1992, the Fife Bus Club was formed with the idea of preserving the first production Volvo Ailsa bus, which was in service with Stagecoach Fife until 1996. And the club succeeded in it's aim - in April 2009!!! And I then got working on some webpages for FRA1 right away!

Let's Get Together!!!

Most of the J-Files sections above display pictures of a specific preserved item or preservation move, and after we started going to rallies and vehicle events I created an extra section for the many new pictures generated by doing that. But left over are some picture sets showing more than one item of ours that needed a section of their own. So I created one! Have a look at the J-Files Galleries.

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