Heading West! - The Day After

Thursday 26th September 2002 turned out to be a little bit anti-climactic, since the moves from Methil Power Station had finished the day before, well ahead of the original plan! All that was left to do was to re-park some of our road vehicles in front of the railway tracks and the cranes, but I wasn't about to do that without taking the chance to get a few good pictures first!


1. To start with here is a good end-on view of the two tracks, with Alistairs Coles crane dwarfed by 26040 on the right, and the KL100 crane and the BR standard brake-van on the left. And the Coles is a fairly large machine... (We don't think small!)


2. Another view from the same location as the last, but with the camera swung round to show the MCV and the Rapier crane parked to the right of 26040. The crane was only temporarily parked there, and was moved later that day to park in front of the Coles crane, in 'crane alley', which is what we have started to call the space in between the two panel of railway track . (Alistairs KL44 road crane was moved there as well!) To save money, the MCV is just sitting on the concrete (which won't hurt it at all).


3. Much the same view again (what else?), but this time showing the BR Standard brake-van in the background. 26040 is sitting with it's No2 end facing toward the camera, which naturally put the cab most needing bodywork repairs on public view! I don't mind that though, since it will all look much better soon!


4. Yet another view showing 26040, the KL100 and the Standard Brake-van, with the Coles trying to hide down 'Crane Alley'. The bus on the left is our Tiger Cub, which was repainted in the early summer of 2002. Our parking arrangements are generally quite carefully worked out, but often look a bit confusing at first glance. They keep changing as well, although the railway tracks and their contents won't be moving position anytime soon!


5. A close-up of the KL100 crane, showing the boarded up windows (vandalism at the power station in the late 1990s), and the poor state of the paintwork. This crane is well overdue for attention, and will get lots in the near future!


6. Lastly, a long view of our corner of the lorry yard at Methil West just before we started to block all this in with the rest of our road vehicles. The yard owners also did their part soon after in blocking out future photography, since some of their lorries are usually to be seen on the right of a picture taken from here, but they were moved up the yard for a couple of days to give the low-loader room to turn.


That's the end of this small picture set, but this can be thought of as marking the start of our 21st century railway preservation efforts, since we started working on 26040 , the KL100, and the Standard Brake-van immediately! But that is another story...


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