Heading West!

To Methil West in fact! This is a special section of the J-Files covering the one-off move of our railway rolling stock to Methil West in September 2002. This move had been on hold for some time for various reasons, but by mid-September all the problems bar one had been solved, the remaining one being that it was physically impossible to get the special low-loader into place to load 26040, and since the same low-loader would be moving the other three items they were also trapped. For the details of how we solved this problem, click here, after which we were able to give the green light to the haulage company to start the move on Wednesday 25th September, a date they had chosen themselves to suit the availability of a sufficiently large low-loader. I took several days leave starting at lunchtime on the 24th as we had to move a few of our road vehicles out of the way to give end-on access to the track we had prepared, and hence arrived at Methil in the early afternoon.  However, as you will soon see, things didn't quite go to plan from that time on...

Heading West! - Day 1

24th September 2002 was supposed to be the day before the move, but hiring an experienced and efficient haulage company has its surprises. This turned out to be Day1!

Heading West! - Day 2

So far so good - but our luck couldn't hold! Wednesday 25th September 2002 started bad, but got better! Have a look at the story of Day2!

Heading West! - The Day After

By Thursday 26th September 2002 it turned out the move was over. Before we re-parked the road vehicles we had moved on Day1, I took some unobstructed photos of 26040 and the other railway stock, along with other items we own. Here are the pictures of The Day After.

Heading West! - Afterword

The move documented here has to be considered a total success, despite the minor setback on the second day, but what a lot of extra restoration work we now have to get on with!!! Never mind, I have been dreaming of getting to work on our railway stock for a long time, coupled with a lot of worrying about possible vandalism/damage that could have been much worse than broken windows and a missing roof-panel. I slept much better on the evening of Wednesday 25th September than I have done for a long time! I hope of course to report any progress made on any of these items through the J-Files, so please don't think of this as the end of a story, because it is really the prelude to another!

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