FRF63 Reborn!

In the six years between it's arrival at Methil in 2003 and the start of the restoration efforts documented below there is little to say about the modest amount of work we carried out on SXA63K. Admittedly we changed the fuel tank for another of the same type early on as the original was leaking, and started the engine occasionally, but we never really got started on the majority of the work that was actually needed to return it to roadworthy condition. So the story of the restoration of FRF63 really starts at Easter 2009, when we decided that something had to be done! And we started at once, although it was the following weekend before I took the pictures that form the first picture set in this section...

Framing De-exposed!

We started our restoration work proper on FRF63 by painting the back of the inner bodywork and the body framing, and went on to put most of the original body panels back on. See the early stages of this work in Framing De-exposed!

Bodywork Job!

Despite delays caused by weather, vehicle rallies, and other projects, we succeeded in replacing most of the side panelling on FRF63, and then started adding the securing trim strips that hide the panel edges. And here are some some pictures illustrating our Bodywork Job!

Drivers Cab Panelled

Replacing the body panel under the drivers cab window was held up while we got some necessary frame repairs done, but we finally got the panel on, and here is a short set of pictures of it in Drivers Cab Panelled

July Progress!

It's difficult to find a title to cover a complete engine re-paint, and the necessary filling and sanding of the body panels. And since I have included for the first time some interior pictures of FRF63, I have settled on the simple title of July Progress!

Going Grey Up Top?

No not me! FRF63! Yes, by the start of August 2009 it was time to start the re-paint into Fife Red, and as usual we started 'up top', in this case by putting Primer On The Roof!

Two Shades Of Redhead!

The day after we primered the roof of FRF63 we moved on to paint the roof in undercoat and then gloss, leading to two sets of pictures taken at lunchtime and in the early evening of FRF63 in Two Shades Of Redhead!

Mid-Level Red & Grey!

On weekdays, I am generally at work, so the weekend after we painted the roof of FRF63 I had to catch up with some mid-week painting, and since the plan was to work downward, what I filmed was Mid-Level Red & Grey!

Rain Stopped Play!

On Sunday 9th August 2009, the plan was to 1. Undercoat the substantial mid-level sections of FRF63 that were to be be painted in off-white, and 2. Later in the day apply the off-white gloss over the undercoat. Alas some heavy showers in the afternoon meant that we didn't get far with step 2, but there are still some good pictures to be seen of the day Rain Stopped Play!

Off-White At Last!

Thanks to my having a couple of days off work, we were able to resume painting the off-white gloss onto the appropriate mid-level panels on FRF63 only 5 days after our previous attempt. And see how good it looked after we did so in Off-White At Last!

More Red Gloss!

Having painted the upper two-thirds of FRF63, it was now time to paint the panels that we had started the restoration by putting back on (see above!). Time for More Red Gloss!

A Quick Facelift!

By late August 2009, we had painted most of the bodywork belonging to FRF63, but there was one important section still untouched. But before we could start to paint it, we needed to do A Quick Facelift!

Goodbye To 'Goodsir'!

By Friday 4th September 2009 the last visible piece of insignia from FRF63s last commercial owner was on the as yet unpainted front panel, but as the panel was now ready to be primered, it was Goodbye To 'Goodsir'!


Not exactly the face-painting kids love so much! This is the bus version of Face-Painting!

Red-Faced Fleetline!

A big step forward in our restoration work came on Sunday 6th September 2009 when we turned FRF63 back into a Red-Faced Fleetline!

Bodywork Back On!

Yes! All of it! And this title has a double meaning as the last parts to be fitted were the back bodywork! See my pictures of the day we finished putting the Bodywork Back On!

The Finishing Touch?

Having finished replacing, repairing, and repainting the bodywork on FRF63, it was time to put on the right insignia, including three 'Fife Scrolls' which I definitely think are The Finishing Touch?

Up, Up And Away!

Having painted the top, front, back, and sides of FRF63, it was now time to paint the wheels and wheel hubs, starting with the front axle. However this meant taking the wheels off, so for the front of the bus it was Up, Up And Away!

Back To Earth. (Without A Bump!)

Having re-fitted the newly painted front wheels, it was time to bring FRF63 Back To Earth. (Without A Bump!) although with the back wheels still to be painted, not for long!

Tail Up!

On 24th October 2009, a mere six days late, I took some pictures of FRF63 jacked up at the back with the back wheels off! And while I was doing that, we were also working on the engine as well. See FRF63 with its Tail Up!

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