A Quick Facelift!

By late August 2009 we had painted most of the bodywork belonging to FRF63, but the largest and most important exception was the fibreglass front panel containing the front lights and indicators. The reason why it was more or less untouched so far was however very simple - it had a few cracks which needed to be repaired and filled. On 30th August 2009 we had already done some repairs during odd moments and so here are a few pictures of Alistair doing the necessary filling and sanding. (But I mixed up the filler - honest!)

1. By the time I got my camcorder out to take a few pictures, the work on doing the filling was fairly well advanced, as can be seen in this picture.


2. A slightly closer view from a different angle. Unfortunately this means it is also easier to see the paper plate I had mixed up the filler on!


3. Moving round a little further shows Alistair spreading filler down the lower edge of the front panel...


4. ...and then tidying up the edge of a hole for one the foglamps, and it probably isn't too coincidental that the hole with a damaged edge had a damaged foglamp which had been plated over.


5. After the filling comes the sanding, and in this picture Alistir is sanding the filler on the nearside edge adjacent to the indicator.


6. More sanding...


7. and yet more sanding! But all very necessary as the front panel had taken a lot of punishment and couldn't have been put back on FRF63 without work like this having been done to it!


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