More Red Gloss!

During what turned out to be the wettest August on record (as announced at the start of the following month anyway), we had to make the most of the dry days when they came along. Unfortunately I can't always get leave on short notice and was at work on Friday 21st August 2009 when Alistair took advantage of a dry day to undercoat the lowermost body panels of FRF53 and also the back bodywork and hatch for good measure.

In fact, by the time I got to Methil on Staurday 22nd August, Alistair was already hard at work with the gloss Ayres Red paint...

1. ...and doing so from the confort(?) of an old plastic chair! Mind you, I do so as well if what we are working on is at the right height!


2. A close up shows Alistair is using a small brush to work round the trim at the panel edges before using a much larger brush on the panel itself. On a smooth panel, the larger the width of the brush the better the gloss finish usually is, all other things being equal, but the larger the brush the quicker the wrist & hand doing the painting gets tired!


3. Now for a quick view of the front nearside corner of FRF63, showing clearly where Alistair started the glossing earlier that morning.


4. While I had the camcorder out, I set out to document the lower panels in undercoat before they got covered in gloss paint. For this job, we bought reasonably good quality 3" brushes, which are a good compromise between size and ease of use as experienced non-professional bus-painters like us we can paint for hours (with breaks) without tiring ourselves out! And the quality od the paintbrush matters - the vast expanse of undercoat visible in this picture was painted that day with practically no bristles being shed by the brushes, and it doesn't exactly speed the job if you have to stop and pick those out at frequent intervals!


5. Anyway, enough waffle about paintbrushes! Here is a portrait view of the offside with the lower panels in undercoat.


6. Moving down the offside here is a picture showing the back half of the bus, and also a view of one end of the back bodywork and the hatch that fits onto it, both of which Alistair had also undercoated the day before.


7. A close-up of the engine access hatch, which comes off the back of the bus separately to the back bodywork before that can be removed. However we weren't planning to put either back on without painting them first.


8. The back bodywork wasn't in a very handy place for photography however. First a view of most of the lower half...


9. ...followed by a view of most of the top half! Never mind, it will be easier to get pictures once it goes back on!


10. Lastly, before I put my camcorder away and got some work done myself, I took a picture of the back bodywork above the engine. There aren't many buses where the external paint job has to be painted on what is basically, for want of a better word, a ceiling!


So much for the pictures from the late morning of Saturday 22nd August! Now for the pictures I took later in the afternoon, with all the lower side panels now painted...

11. And I'll start with this nice portrait picture of the front and offside, with Ayres Red and Off-White all over both, except for the missing front panel! (Another job for another weekend.)


12. The front of the nearside doesn't actually look much different to the way it was in the pictures at the top of the page, but of course that is because this paint was mostly put on before I arrived!


13. Getting a full portrait view of the whole nearside to show the completed repaint proved impossible without moving two other buses, so I settled for this view instead! And I was pressed right up against the back of FRA1 to get even this much.


14. It is however a bit easier to get a full portrait view of the nearside from the back, although currently the view also includes the repainted engine compartment, complete with green compressor!


15. Any excuse to include the engine compartment again! However, this shot includes Ayres Red on a ceiling, which is all justification I need!


16. The engine access hatch had also been painted red...


17. had the back bodywork. In fact an as yet unrefitted panel that goes under the back downstairs emergency door and the front panel containing the front lights and indicators were by now the only body panels still in need of a repaint!


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