Off-White At Last!

After having had to stop painting on the off-white gloss onto FRF63 on Sunday 9th August 2009 we were naturally very keen to resume work, and as it happened I had a couple of days off at the end of the following week and the weather chose to dry up and go sunny on the first of these days, which was Thursday 13th August. And this was a lucky break, as on Friday the 14th the weather was again bad and the weekend of 15th & 16th August was the August Lathalmond bus rally weekend which meant we would be away both those days.

Since we had enough time to tackle more than just the off-white gloss, we also got on with primering the lower half of FRf63 as well. As it happens I omitted to take any pictures on the Thursday, not least due to spending so much time painting (and up a ladder too, which always gives me sore feet!). This page is therefore complied from assorted pictures I took over the rest of that weekend, which makes little difference here other than to explain why some pictures are brighter than others!

1. As always, I have started with a view of FRF63 fron the front, and for the first time since we started the restoration there is nothing to be seen of the old livery.


2. Now for a portrait view of the offside showing the off-white gloss and the primer on the lower bodywork.


3. Round on the nearside here are the views of the front nearside complete with off-white gloss...


4. ... and a closer view of most of the nearside.


5. The back of FRF63 is now looking much neater, although something will have to be done about the back number plate and it will be some time before we are ready to put the engine cover back on (more on that below).


6. Now that our repainting efforts are visible over the whole of FRF63 I expect to take many more portrait shots of the bus like this one. And this one is quite interesting as it shows more or less all aspects of our repaint so far, including the painted engine and engine compartment plus the one side panel still not refitted for good measure.


The pictures above are from Friday 14th August, but I took some more after we got back from Lathalmond on Saturday 15th August and although they mostly duplicate those above, I also took some pictures of the engine cover and the detached hatch in it, both of which had also been primered on the Thursday.

7. An overall view of the engine cover which was sitting somewhat incongruously on one of the track panels adjacent to FRF63. But in primer!


8. view of the nearside end of the engine cover giving a good view of the light cluster.


9. And now for a view of the access hatch which has also been primered, but not yet re-attached to the engine cover.


The rest of the pictures on this page were taken on Sunday 16th August 2009, again taken after we got back from Lathalmond. Leaving aside those that duplicate pictures shown above, the pictures most worth seeing from that day are those taken from above ground level, which I like to take as I can get more of FRF63 nito a picture!

10. The first of the pictures taken from a higher vantage point shows the whole upper half of FRF63, and since it wasn't all that late in the evening, there was enough light around to make this quite a good picture!


11. Now for a portrait view of the offside of the bus, which if nothing else suggests the considerable surface area we had painted in off-white and primer on the Thursday!


12. And to finish, a view of the front half of FRF63, which was in shadow making this picture a bit darker. However I don't spend a lot of time enhancing pictures, as I'd add a lot less to this website if I did!


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