Rain Stopped Play!

Having had a day off on Saturday 8th August 2009, we were keen to get painting again on Sunday 9th, and this time we hoped to start early on the off-white undercoat at mid-level followed later in the day by 'hot-coating' the off-white gloss.

And we got off to a good start in the morning with the undercoat...

1. I'll start with a view of the front of FRF63 showing the undercoat on the relief band going round the bus, while Alistair paints the side panels.


2. Looking above the passenger door the line between the undercoat and the Ayres Red is somewhat straighter. Not too bad considering that we don't use masking tape (which in our experience either doesn't stick properly or lifts the paint when removed!)


3. Looking down the side of the bus shows a very flat finish to the undercoat, and the flatter the finish you can get, the better the undercoat is for use on bus-painting!


4. Now for a view of painting in progress! As you can see, there is still a long way to go down this side of the bus.


5. And another action shot, with Alistair now painting the vertical edge of the 'advertisment panel' section of off-white.


The above pictures were taken just after 11am, and having taken them, I got back to doing some of the undercoating myself. And we duly finished the painting and went off to lunch to give the paint time to go touch-dry. However one cause for concern that day was the weather forecast which suggested that rain would spread across Central Scotland fromthe west during the afternoon, but wasn't too certain about the amount and the speed of the rain. However, we took the optimistic point of view (that it wouldn't rain until the early evening) and got started with the off-white gloss.

Alas well within an hour we started to see spots of rain and had to stop soon after as it was clearly going to mess up the finish of the gloss that we had just put on. Hence the title of this page! However, since I hadn't yet taken pictures of the completed undercoating, I took some in the early evening just before we left the yard, and a selection of these form the rest of this set.

6. As usual, I started my 'tour' round FRF63 with a front view, which is much the same as the similar shot above...


7. ...but the completed undercoating has improved the appearance of the offside a lot!


8. The front nearside looks even better, but what is not obvious at this distance is that the first two 'full height' off-white panels are the ones with gloss off-white paint on them, and that the finish of the paint has been ruined by the rain!


9. Looking down the nearside of FRF63 the shade difference between the gloss and the undercoat is a little bit clearer, and in fact the edges of the next panel along have also been done.


10. The 'reverse angle' shot of the nearside shows a reflection off the ruined gloss finish. Oh well, at least we didn't us too much gloss paint up before it rained!


11. Now for the higher level view of the back and off-side, and from this angle the top half of the bus looks finished - it's a pity the off-white is only undercoat when by this time of day I had been hoping it would be gloss!


12. And to finish, a portrait view from higher up of the front half of the offside. Having a bus whose upper and lower halves are in completely different liveries could only happen in preservation!


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