Mid-Level Red & Grey!

Another weekend, another couple of days of work on FRF63 taking up from where we finished the previous Sunday? Not this time! For starters, Alistair lives locally and had taken advantage of some good weather (rare in August 2009 which broke the record for being the wettest August on record) to primer the mid-level parts of FRF63 and then paint the appropriate parts of it in pink undercoat and then Ayres red gloss.

More unusual still, we had been invited (with buses) to a private event for the unveiling of a preservation project unrelated to any of our own, and at the other end of the yard we work in at Methil for good measure! However since the event was blessed with one of the sunnest days of the month, I was of course able to get a good selection of pictures of FRF63 both early in the day, and at lunchtime!

1. Since I usually take pictures of FRF63 late in the day after we have done some work on it, this shot of FRf63 backlit by the morning sun is slightly unusual in it's own right, and since the front now has Ayres red gloss, plus gray primer where the off-white is to go.


2. Shooting into the sun down the side of the bus disguses the fact that the mid-level relief and the advertisement panel is in primer and not off-white! However it's a nice sight, and quite different to it's previous livery!


3. Moving round to the other side cuts out the problems with the sun as it hadn't got far enough round to shine on the nearside yet! If the lines between the red and the primer don't look perfect don't worry about it - the tough part of getting them straight comes when it's time to paint the off-white gloss!


4. Moving round to the back we get the benefit of the sun being behind my camcorder.


5. The view from the ground at the other back corner.


6. A portrait view of the back of the bus from higher up...


7. ...followed by a view of the back and the offside from the same location. The size and positioning of the off-white on FRF63 might seem a bit excessive, but a lot of thought went into it as we had good reason to make them as large as possible while still being reasonably authentic - despite being the same type of paint, the off-white brushes on better and seems more hard-wearing! (My guess is the different pigment mix for the two colour shades makes a difference, but I can't prove it!)


8. Another portrait view of the side of FRF63 from higher up, and this picture works out quite well in showing the final paint job on the roof, the mixture of gloss red and primer at mid-level, and the original livery on the lower half of the bus.


The above pictures were taken before 8:30am, but later on I took a few more to show FRF63 with the sun much higher in the sky...

9. The side-on view of the front nearside with the sun on it.


10. A view down the nearside showing the large area of primer where the off-white is to go.


11. A view of the nearside from the back with the sun now more or less sideways on to FRF63.


12. And to finish, the view of the offside of FRF63 from the back.


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