Two Shades Of Redhead!

On Sunday 2nd August 2009 I got up early. Doesn't sound important (even although I don't make a habit of doing so!) but this was the day we hoped to undercoat and then gloss the roof of FRF63, and the weather was as good as the forecast!

Having got up early I picked up Alistair and we went straight to FRF63 and got started on the undercoating. And since speed was of the essence, I didn't stop to take any pictures until we had finished that, which was just before lunchtime...

1. As usual, the first picture in this set here is the view from the front, showing that all the primer that we had put on the day before has been covered up with pinky-red undercoat.


2. Looking at the nearside shows a neat finish on the front half of the roof and upper windows (if I say so myself!)...


3. ...and panning round a bit shows the same towards the back of the bus.


4. Now for a view of the back of the bus. It may not look it, but this was a difficult part of the roof to paint as the vehicle parked immediately behind left little room for the long ladders we were using.


5. Now for pictures from my new higher vantage points, and the first of these gives a slightly better idea of the amount of area we had painted in a single morning, albeit with an early start. (And no breakfast either!)


6. And to complete the first half of this pictures set, here is a fairly high up view of the offside undercoating.


Since the undercoat needed some time to go touch dry, we departed for a reasonably unhurried lunch, but all too soon it was time to start the job of painting the roof and upper windows surrounds for the third time that weekend, and since I was doing my share of the work, the following pictures show the end result...


7. It's now the late afternoon of Sun day 2nd August 2009 and the roof of FRF63 is now painted in Ayres Red gloss, although the angle of the sun disguises the colour in this picture somewhat.


8. Zooming in a bit helped the camcorder sort out light levels and suchlike, which makes this picture resemble the real appearance of FRF63 from the front as we were seeing it.


9. The next picture is from a familiar angle! Truth is, there aren't many places to stand around FRF63 to get worthwhile pictures so I ended up using the same camera angles over and over again. However the important thing is that the bus looks better every time!


10. Swinging the camera round shows the painted upper window surrounds all the way down the bus, albeit with some shadows from the evening sun.


11. I've skipped over my attempts to take pictures of the back of FRF63 from the ground, which were spoiled by the bright western sky, and instead jump stright to this rather nice shot of the sun reflecting off the beautiful gloss finish on the side of the roof. I don't suppose it would win photography prizes, but what the heck!


12. Using the raised vantage point, and rotating the camcorder by 90 degrees allowed me to get all of the back of the bus in shot, with the bonus of seeing the repainted engine compartment and the new red roof in the same picture. Pity about the bit inbetween though!


13. A close up of the rear roof 'dome' of FRF63 taken from high level, looking much better in Ayres red than it has done for a long long time!


14. Swinging the camcorder round gives another non-prizewinning 'sun-reflection' shot. Unfortunately it also reveals that we didn't go to ridiculous lengths to fill and/or sand minor blemishes in the roof panels - that level of restoration is for perfectionists with more time and money at their disposal!


15. Almost back round to the front of FRF63, and here is a nice shot from the front drivers corner. Obviously the upper windows are not yet completely finished since the window rubbers will be re-painted in tyrewall paint at some point, but we generally do that near the end of a re-paint so it won't be done for some time yet.


16. And to finish, the same sort of picture as the last one but taken right at the front of the bus. Despite the sore feet I get when I am working up a ladder for extended periods, it's been good weekend!


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