Primer On The Roof!

Having spent many weeks (weather permitting!) in getting most of the bodywork of FRF63 ready for a repaint, it turned out that we were ready to get started on Saturday 1st August 2009 - and did! However the first step, as with many of our repaints, was to get out the primer, and since we generally work downwards when painting buses (so we don't drip paint onto areas already painted), it was time to get out the long ladders!

Unsurprisingly I didn't do any filming while actually painting, but got my camcorder out after we had finished for the day, by which time we had primered right down to the bottom of the upper windows.

1. A view from the front to start with although the light grey of the primer is hard to tell apart from the sky in this picture!


2. A closer view of the front window showing the primer more clearly. Some of the primer has lapped onto the window rubbers, but that won't be a problem as one of the finishing touches will be to paint up the window rubbers with tyrewall paint.


3. Moving round a bit, here is a view from the front nearside. The primer doesn't make a lot of difference to the roof of FRF63 from this angle, but of course it isn't going to stay grey for long!


4. Now for a view from the back. It's still not a spectacular sight, but I like to be thorough!


5. In search of a more interesting angle, I tried standing on another of our preservation projects, and I'd definitely rate this picture a success!


6. And changing location but staying at the same height works when I point the camcorder at the front of FRF63...


7. ...but isn't too impressive otherwise!


8. However a higher vantage point allows a view downward of the radiator and engine...


9. ...and of the back bodywork, currently not fitted to the bus.


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