July Progress!

Having spent the spring and early summer of 2009, between vehicle rallies and work on other projects (replacing the exhaust on FPE88 during May springs immediately to mind!), putting the bodywork panels back on, it was time to do a modest amount of filling & sanding to get FRF63 ready for a re-paint as some of the panels were in rather less than mint condition! We tackled this on the 19th July, and naturally I got my camcorder out to take a few pictures of this being done.

However I was able to take pictures of more than just that, as not only had Alistair done some work while I wasn't about that really was worth recording, but I realised I hadn't yet filmed or taken pictures of the inside of FRF63 and recified that immediately! Which goes some way to explaining the nondescript title, as I couldn't think of one that covered all of the pictures...

1. As usual, I'll start with a view of FRF63 from the front, even although there isn't anything much new to see there!


2. Moving round to the nearside however finds Alistair hard at work spreading catalloy filler into a bodyside dent. The whitish patches visible on the bodyside show small dents that have already been tackled.


3. A closer view of the catalloy being spread. Actually I was working on this as well, but since I was doing the mixing of hardener & catalloy and then handing it to Alistair to use I wasn't working all the time and was thus able to get my camcorder out to film.


4. While most of the dents were on the lower body panels we had put back on (the removal & re-fitting not having helped!) there were a few higher up, as can be seen in this view of the bodyside above the downstairs windows.


5. Now for something a lot more colourful! Prompted by good weather, and using spray paint we had bought specifically for the job, Alistair had painted up the Gardiner 6LX engine and it's compartment since the previous weekend, and the result is stunning!


6. The view from the other side is equally impressive. Picking out the compressor in green, the radiator fan in red and the radiator surround in black really makes this paint job stand out, and even when the shine of the silver paint fades a bit it still will be a part of the bus we will be happy to show off! Incidentally it is only the radiator frame that has been painted, as putting paint on the actual radiator core would clog it up and reduce it's ability to cool the water, which could easily lead to the engine overheating.


7. Stepping back a few feet shows the re-painted engine in relation to the offside of the bus. Of course the engine compartment would normally have a fiberglass cover over it, but we haven't put it back on yet as it needs some minor repairs and, like the engine and it's compartment, is easier to paint separately.


8. Now for a quick tour of the interior of FRF63, starting with the front entrance...


9. ... and the drivers cab. This is the part of the inside of FRF63 that will need most work done on it, since the floor has been parially lifted, work needs to be done on the electrics and it all needs a good clean!


10. Looking at the lower deck shows a bit of a mess. The previous owner had loosened many of the sets, which are therefore at all angles, and it isn't hard to work out that we have been using FRF63 to store a variety of bus spares many of which don't belong specifically to this bus!


11. Swinginf round a bit shows that the nearside luggage rack is where we have been storing the spare trim strip, alongside tubs of nuts & bolts and other smaller spare parts.


12. And the storage doesn't end there, as the upper deck is currently our main seat store! Many of these seat cushions came with FRF63 and are spares for it's own seats, but we are glad to have them, even although we will soon need to find somewhere else to put them!


13. Looking towards the front of the upper deck mostly shows FRA1 parked nearby, but also reveals that we have stored some spare seats for FPE88 as well.


14. And this mini-tour inside FRF63 ends looking down the stairs. Although much cleaning is required, FRF63 hasn't changed much inside since it last worked in Fife and we therefore won't need to do quite as much as usual inside. If only the outside and the electrics were in such good shape!


15. One thing that is overdue for a good picture on one of these pages is the fiberglass front panel, and here is a picture of it sitting a few yards away. A foglight is missing, and it needs some reapirs, especially down the edges, but we will deal with all that in due course!


16. Finally, to finish, here are a couple of shots of Alistair using a air-powered sander to smooth off the filled sections ready for painting. Firstly here is a view of him working near the passenger door...


17. ..followed by a long view of him sanding on the offside panels. If only George hadn't walked into the shot at the wrong moment... :-)


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