Drivers Cab Panelled!

Even while we were fastening on the trim that featured largely in the previous set of pictures, we had been making progress on the frame repairs under the drivers cab of FRF63 that had prevented us from putting back the body panel under the drivers window, and by 5th July 2009 we had not only been able to put that panel on, but had finished putting the trim stip on the offside as well, and I took these pictures of this work

1. This general view of the front offside corner of FRF63 shows the re-fitted drivers cab panel very clearly, with some of the trim also visible.


2. Close up, the panel looks a bit less impressive as there was a ragged vertical line of holes in it, and inconveniently (and not coincidentally) these were in line with a section of body framing behind it making the panel tricky to fasten on at this point. However the job was helped by the fact that the section of frame itself had been missing whe we started, and thus had had to be replaced before we put the panel on.


3. A view up the offside of FRF63, albeit hampered by reflected sunlight! Despite this however, the new trim can be seen to be in place right down the bus.


4. Now for a look inside the hatch on the drivers cab panel, showing the repaired framing, which naturally has also been painted before being panelled over. Since the reservoir for the throttle hydraulic fluid is now up in the cab, the hatch actually is totally redundant, but it was not only easier to leave it in, but gives a more authentic appearance as well.


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