FRF63 - SXA63K

Back in 1997, my friends and I were asked by a bus-driver friend of ours for help in a preservation project of his, as he had located an ex-Fife Daimler Fleetline that was for sale in working order, and we were of course happy to help him buy it and support him as he drove SXA63K all the way back to Fife. Below you will find a link to a short page detailing my recollections of that trip, but leaving that aside right now, it turned out after some years that our friend had taken too many projects on (so he said - and I know THAT feeling!) and decided to offer it to us rather than risk selling it to someone who might break it up for spares.

History immediately repeated itself after we moved FRF63 to Methil, as we got as far as assessing the work that was now required to put into good running order (our friend had 'helpfully' taken off the lower body panels, the front below the windscreen, and the engine cover, and done some other dismantling inside before deciding it was a project too far!), but before we got very far with the work this project got overtaken by others, most notably the long restoration job on 26040 we had already started followed by the work on FRD187, FPE88... However we always intended to resume work on it, and by the spring of 2009, it was high time! And also high time details of it were added to the J-Files as well...

Long Trip Home!

In telling the story of how FRF63 got into preservation in 1997 I have been somewhat hampered as I have no pictures with which to illustrate it. However don't let that stop you reading about the time when we went Fetching A Fife Fleetline!

Heading East!

In 2003 my friend Alistair bought FRF63 and (of course) we immediately moved it to Methil so that (we thought) it would be possible for us to get to working on it right away. And here are the pictures from the day SXA63K was Heading East!

We Can Rebuild It! (Can't We ? ! ?)

Despite some early work after FRF63 arrived at Methil, and some occasional work on the engine to try and keep in running order, it took until 2009 for us to get down to serious work on SXA63K. And, unsurprisingly, I have had to create a whole sub-section to cover this work which I have decided to call FRF63 Reborn!

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