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Many of the better pictures of FRD187 I have taken since we first got it through an MOT in 2007 can be found in J-Files - Rallies & Events, but I have taken a lot of pictures of it at other times, and a selection of the most interesting of these can be found here.

Summer Trip To Dundee

The week after we had taken FRD187 to a rally for the first time, we were supposed to take it to another one, at Craigton Park in Fife. But this event was cancelled for heavy vehicles due to the ground being too soft, so to avoid disappointing his family my friend Alistair & I took them out in FRD187 anyway. See a few pictures from our Trip To Camperdown Park.

What A Difference A Week Makes

Having missed out on the 2007 Craigton Rally due to the ground being too soft we promised ourselves (especially Alistairs kids) a trip there when the weather was better. As luck would have it the following Sunday, 8th July 2007, turned out to be one of the sunniest & hottest days of the summer, which was ideal. And with no event on, we could park FRD187 in the Craigton Park Coach Park!

Heading My Way!

By 15th July 2007, after days out on the previous two Sundays, we were getting seriously addicted to taking trips in FRD187. However we had already gone north (Camperdown Park), east (Craigton Park), so it was a natural for us to head west out of Fife. And since I live in Clackmannanshire I didn't even need to consult a map to drive us on a Trip To The Wallace Monument.


Cleaning Up Down Under

Not all out trips out in FRD187 are pleasure trips, even although we usually enjoy them! In March 2008, as part of our preparation work for FRD187s 2008 MOT test we got permission to take it up to get A Chassis Wash At Aberhill Depot.


Unseasonal Weather?

It won't surprise anyone that I take many pictures of FRD187 and the rest of our preserved items in the yard we store it at, generally in good weather. However on the morning of 6th April (yes -April!) 2008 the weather wasn't so good. See some pictures of  Methil West In The Snow.

High Summer Strikes Again!

A day too hot and humid for preservation work prompted a day trip out in FRD187. See the pictures I took of our Trip To Clackmannanshire & Stirling On 27th July 2008;.

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