FRA1 On The 1994 Scottish Road Run

Back in 1994 (on a date I did not record alas), we took FRA1 on the Scottish Road Run (this may not have been the correct title for it - I'm relying purely on my failting memory here so if I'm got it wrong, for goodness sake email me!!!), and although my camcorder foootage of this event is rather short, and in places more than a bit wobbly, I have been able to capture the following pictures of FRA1.

As for the route we followed, that's a tough question! The starting point was 'somewhere in East Lothian next to the Union Canal' (must find out the name of it sometime!), we went a less than straightforward route by roads I don't know to South Queensferry (under the Forth Bridge), and then worked our way along to the car park of the Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway which was the destination of the rally. Oh well, it doesn't matter too much for the purposes of these pictures!!!

1. FRA1 parked at the starting point (I know not where!)


2. FRA1 parked at the starting point


3. FRA1 parked at the starting point


4. FRA1 moving towards the exit to take it's place in the rally.


5. FRA1 moving towards the exit to take it's place in the rally (but paused long enough to allow me to get back on!).


6. FRA1 at South Queensferry (the only view I filmed due to being surrounded by other vehicles!)


7. FRA1 at Bo'ness.


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