FRA1 In Fife Days

Although I saw a fair amount of FRA1 when it was working for Stagecoach Fife out of Cowdenbeath depot in the period 1994-6, I never actually saw it working a bus service. However since we went on several outings organised by the Fife Bus Club, and were working at the depot on FRD187 on most Sundays, I been able to capture pictures from several interesting pieces of camcorder footage to illustrate FRA1 at what turned out to be the end of its career as a service bus.

Hunting Stripes!

My first encounter with FRA1 was when I got invited along on a tour of all the Stagecoach Fife depots in 1994 which was organised by the Fife Bus Club. See a few pictures of FRA1 from the day we went Hunting Stripes!

Rallying, 1994 Style!

One of the earliest events I attended was in FRA1, so here are a few pictures of FRA1 On the 1994 Scottish Road Run.


Putting the Shine Back On!

When, in 1996, FRA1 was retired from service duties, the plan (that eventually fell through alas!) was for the Fife Bus Club to preserve it immediately and in preparation for that we decided to spruce up its by then slightly fading paintwork by Varnishing FRA1.

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