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Many of my better pictures of FPE88 since June 2007 can be found in J-Files - Rallies & Events, but we don't just take our buses to vehicle rallies and this section exists to give you the chance to see pictures of FPE88 from other locations. Enjoy!

Just For Fun?

Having acquired FPE88 we fitted new batteries & filters, and did other work to get it running better the following weekend as a matter of urgency! So obviously the next step was a Test Run To Largo.

Trip To Gifford

In the autumn of 2006, even without a rally to go to, we were keen to get out and about with FPE88, and a friend offered to navigate us to a site at Gifford used by another set of bus preservationists. Well it's difficult to refuse an offer like that, so here are some pictures from our Trip To Gifford.

Having Passed An MOT...

On 11th December 2006, we took FPE88 for it's annual MOT, which was due, and it passed! However that was in the morning, so even in December we had some time to kill before it got dark... See a few pictures of FPE88 After Its 2006 MOT.

Early Outings

After the Bridgeton Open Day 2006 there were no suitable events to take FPE88 to for many months, but we had no wish to park it up for the winter in case something went wrong through lack of use. So we gave it a run most weekends, and here are a few pictures from a couple of these trips where we showed off Strathtay Livery In Kirkcaldy!

Long Distance Again!

To complete the bodywork restoration of FPE88 we needed a few spares we didn't have available. However asking around pays dividends, provided you are prepared to go and collect. So see a few pictures from FPE88s Return To Bridgeton.

Back On The Road In Style!

Off the road for many months. MOT Expired. A newly replaced No2 Piston that we hadn't been able to run in properly due to the expired MOT. Could FPE88 overcome all that and get fully 'back on the road' in one go. Thankfully yes - see the picture evidence from MOT Day 2008.

The Only Alexanders (Fife) Bus Left In The Depot?

At first glance, yes! For a reason I hope to document someday in the J-Files, we visited the closed Kirkcaldy Bus Garage (with permission) several times during 2008, with sufficient tools and equipment to fill a bus boot! And on one of the earliest visits, we naturally took the chance to pose FPE88 up for pictures. See FPE88 At Kirkcaldy Garage.

What A Backdrop!

My friend George had wanted to take FPE88 to North Queensferry to pose it up for a few pictures for some time and with FPE88 back on the road, this was now possible. So we took a day off and did just that. see the results in (Almost) Under The Forth Bridge!

Busmans Detour?

While on the way to a rally with FPE88 & FRD187, we were passing through St Andrews. I was following George, who is a driver at the Stagecoach depot there, and he made a 'busmans detour' (for a good reason) to park outside the bus station & garage area. So I got some pictures of FPE88 & FRD187 Outside St Andrews Bus Station.

Chassis Wash At Aberhill

Elsewhere I have documented an occasion when FRD187 was permitted the use of the chassis wash at Aberhill depot, which is local to the yard our buses are stored at in Methil. However this year FPE88 was in much greater need of this and I was on hand to do a little filming with my new camcorder as FPE88 got a Chassis Wash At Aberhill.

MOT Day 2011

I had a busy, busy year in 2010 and the first few months of 2011, but in April 2011 not only had things got quieter at work allowing me to take leave more easily, but the MOT was due on FPE88. So naturally I took the day off and got in a modest amount of filming of FPE88 on the way to the MOT. And captured from that footage, here are some pictures of MOT Day 2011.

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