The Last Lap

By Saturday 30th April 2011 we had almost finished the re-paint of FPE88, and our good luck with the weather continued with a nice sunny day to finish off the Ayres Red glossing on the lower panels and the lower front panel.

And when we were half-way through that I stopped to take a few pictures...

1. Work in progress, and the red looks so much better than the orange!


2. A head-on portrait view, complete with paint, paintbrush, and cushion. No sign of the painter though! (Maybe he had wandered off to take pictures or something... ;-)


3. A closer view of the lower front panel. Fiddly to paint, but the result is so rewarding!


4. Later on and we have completed the 'Last Lap' of the re-paint. First the offside view...


5. the head-on view...


6. ...finally the nearside view! I'd have taken a picture of the back at the same time, but we didn't want to move FPE88 with wet paint on the lower panels!


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