FPE88 Adverted!

By the spring of 2011, we had had to patch up the paintwork on the roof of FPE88 several times, and decided that enough was enough - repaint time! However the spanner in the works was that George, who preserved FPE88 in the first place wanted to reproduce an advertising livery that it had carried early in it's career. Getting permission wasn't likely to be an issue, since the advert was for a car dealership that no longer exists, and George had managed to locate a couple of pictures of FPE88 in that livery. The only new colour of paint required was blue, and we had to use a bit of guesswork for the shade (the colours on old photos are not to be trusted). So far so good.

However the advert itself was going to be a very large vinyl, which would need expertise to design, reproduce, and apply. But that didn't worry us at all as we get our insignia from a professional vinyl-maker who in years gone by has worked for Fife Scottish designing adverts. Including this one! So with it all worked out (!) and Easter 2011 approaching, we ordered some tins of paint and got our overalls on...

Doomed Insignia!

Before opening a single tin of paint, we had to remove the various vinyls that FPE88 was carrying so that we could buff down the paintwork. But first I took the chance to photograph the Doomed Insignia! .

Greyhead Leopard!

As paint drips tend to fall downward, we generally paint buses from the roof downward, and since we like to start with a layer of primer, we soon ended up with a Greyhead Leopard! .

Carrot-Top To Redhead!

I didn't get any pictures of the roof being painted in orange undercoat, but took some at the start of the next session when we turned FPE88 from Carrot-Top To Redhead! .

A Coat Of Many Colours!

By the day of the Royal Wedding, FPE88 sported an alarming mix of colours at different height on the bodyside as we worked downward applying the three stages of primer, undercoat, and topcoat (gloss) in succession. In fact it really was A Coat Of Many Colours! .

The Last Lap

By working on several levels at once, and hot-coating where possible, we reached the end of April with only the Ayres Red on the lowest parts of the bodywork left to apply and were on The Last Lap .

Red, (Off-)White, & Blue!

At the start of May the vinyls were not nearly ready, but with the re-paint completed I was able to video and capture pictures of FPE88 in Red, (Off-)White, & Blue! .

FPE88 Adverted At Last!

I was working the day the vinyls were put on (would have liked to film that!), but the following weekend I naturally took pictures of FPE88 Adverted At Last! .

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