Doomed Insignia!

By 17th April 2011 we had already done a little work on getting FPE88 ready for a repaint, but activities like removing the peeling paint on the roof and buffing down the paint that wasn't peeling aren't photogenic, and thus the story starts on the day we removed the previous insignia to get the rest of the bodywork ready for a re-paint. However by the time I got my camcorder out to take pictures of the insignia we were about to remove, some of it was already gone!

Of course I was doing some of the work myself, but not while I was taking the pictures!

1. My first picture of the day and the 'Fife' on the back is mostly history!


2. Insignia on the back nearside Emergency Exit...


3. ... and on the nearside opening lower panel.


4. A closer look at the door flap used to get at the BIS.


5. The old-style 'Legal Lettering', with the weight in a different font, and worse still, in metric!


6. Need I say what this flap is for?


7. One of the smaller 'Fife' vinyls on the side of the bus.


8. The legal lettering being removed.


9. The fleetnumber on the nearside of the front panel of FPE88...


10. ..and the Dunfermline allocation on the drivers side


11. All gone, with the buffed down roof partially visible...


12. ...but easier to see in this zoom view!


13. After we had finished we turned FPE88 round into it's usual parking position. Note the joke destination... (Yes, I set that!)


14. Night, night! :-)


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