FPE88 - YSF88S

As late as September 2006, despite my friends and I having preserved no fewer than 5 buses, we had not yet actually put one on the road, let alone taken one to a rally. However my friend George, a long-time part of our 'inner circle', solved both of these problems in quick succession by negotiating the purchase of yet another ex-Fife bus from Strathtay Buses, which had recently been taken over by Stagecoach and was scheduled to receive buses from elsewhere in the group.

YSF88S, formerly FPE88, was then 29-years old and had been with Strathtay (as their 561 and latterly 25788) since 1987. It was by this time in use as a schools bus at Arbroath depot, but as one of the oldest buses in the Strathtay fleet was due to be disposed of. Since it was still in working order, was road-legal with a current MOT, and had a reasonably original interior, it looked ideal for preservation, but it turned out to be a very challenging preservation project indeed! And (sooner or later), I will document it all here...

Straight Out Of Service?

Well not exactly! When we went to Arbroath depot on 22nd September 2006 to collect YSF88S, it had been sitting idle there since the the start of the school holidays a couple of months earlier, during which time it had received a Stagecoach fleet no without ever leaving the depot. Read about out trip to Fetch the 'Big Cat'!

Just 16 Days Later!

Having preserved a bus that was not exactly in mint condition, George managed to wangle a late entry for FPE88 to the 2006 Bridgeton Bus Garage Open Day, so we found ourselves making our rally debut having had very little time to cure it's ills. Take a sideways jump to my Rallies & Events pages to see my pictures from The Bridgeton Open Day 2006!

Turning Back Time!

Having got past the hurdle taking FPE88 to Bridgeton, we were able to combine the novelty of having a bus on the road with the fun(?) of restoring it to it's original appearance. And since I took pictures and film during the main stages of the restoration, you can see at least some of the work we did Restoring The Big Cat!

'Big Cat' Hunting!

Unsurprisingly (to anyone familiar with my website) many of the better pictures of FPE88 I have taken can be viewed in J-Files - Rallies & Events, but I have also taken many interesting pictures of FPE88 at places other than rallies, and you can see an interesting selection of them in The FPE88 Galleries .

A Paint Job With A Difference!

By 2011, having already had to patch up peeling paint on FPE88 more than once, it was clearly time for a complete re-paint! And this time we tried to re-produce an advertisment livery it had once carried. And I have lots of pictures to show you of the re-paint that saw FPE88 Adverted! .

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