FNV15 - Putting A Shine On

Once we had painted FNV15 in Ayres Red, we went on to varnish it for an even better shine. We started varnishing on 5th May 2001, but I didn't take any usable film or pictures that day so these pictures are from 6th May 2001.

1. Red and beautiful, but not quite shiny enough for us! Here is a picture of FNV 15 on the morning of 6/5/01 just before we started it up and moved it. Actually we had already done some varnishing on the roof panels the day before but the shine isn't too obvious from this angle.


2. Our first task of the day wasn't actually to continue varnishing, but instead to put FNV 15 on a ramp so that a friend could look at a faulty part underneath. To this end, Alistair drives out of the Vikings usual parking space...


3. ...and off down the yard, pausing briefly to allow a car through. This was one of the hottest and brightest days we had had, and was nearly as hot as it looks in this vsnap!


4. Down at the other end of the yard I was too busy guiding the Viking up onto the ramp to film, but here is a close-up of it sitting up on the ramp, carefully chocked with the handbrake pulled right on.


5. A longer shot of the Viking perched up on the ramp. The white car is mine by the way, as it was simpler to drive it along than transfer all my tools into the bus! (Saved me having to walk the length of the yard as well!)


6. Down off the ramp and heading back down the yard. The back end looks MUCH better in red!


7. James Bond would love this - FNV 15 generates a magnificent smoke-screen on its way down the yard!


8. At first glance this is an odd angle to park at, but it was chosen to get the off-side of the Viking into sunlight, to get that side as warm as possible for varnishing.


9. Some time later (after a lot of work and no filming!) FNV 15 is facing the other way and is fully varnished.


10. A fully varnished FNV15 sits in the sun!


11. The last vsnap in this set is a full side-on shot of FNV15 in the afternoon sunshine!


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