FNV15 - A PINK Bus?

To paint a bus in Fife Red, you first haven to paint it in pink undercoat, and on 8th April 2001 we did just that...

1. Not much pink in the first picture, as Alistair starts to undercoat around the destination box. We used a trailer conveniently parked next to the Viking to stand on to reach the upper parts of the bus, which was much safer than using ladders or gantries which can be a bit unstable at times.


2. Gently does it! Viewing these vsnaps suggests that my friend Alistair does most of the work! Actually he has more time than me and does correspondingly more, but I spent most of that day painting hard as well.


3. Looking down from above, as Alistair continues to paint round the front window. I was quite keen to get some filming done early on in case my hands got covered in paint later!


4. Time for some of my work, in this case the front part of the roof done with a long reach brush, which I was using on the theory (not mine) that I couldn't mess up the appearance of the bus painting the middle of the roof!


5. Having painted the front, it was time for Alistair to move the Viking alongside the trailer to paint down one side of the roof. Looking interesting already?


6. Vroom, vroom, cough, cough! After painting it some engine maintenance seems indicated! Alistair is about to drive carefully down the side of the trailer, to line up part of the Viking alongside the 8-foot part we were using (the trailer had a container sitting on most of it).


7. Time for some large area coverage. I've already painted the nearer half of the middle roof panels at the front and Alistair follows up by painting the panels I was leaning on to paint. Doing it this way gave us both an occasional breather, mine being shorter as I was the one who had to go and move the bus periodically!


8. ;The undercoat we were using turned out to be quite good quality, covering well and giving a smooth finish. It was a fairly bright day with some clouds, and was more than sufficiently mild for undercoating.


9. A couple of moves later we were approaching the back of the bus, and already the undercoat was producing a strange three-tone look to the Viking that makes it look like the property of a commercial bus company rather than a preserved Fife bus!


10. Alistair stops for a breather, and a grimace at the camcorder! (Surely not at the cameraman!) The jibs of our preserved cranes are visible in the background, but I won't mention them here!


11. Three-tone bus. I didn't film too much in the later stages of painting as we wanted to finish the roof in a single day and I didn't want to hold up progress too much, so I missed out on filming the painting of the off-side roof panels.


12. Another view of the Viking after the roof was undercoated, looking fairly smart (top half anyway) in the evening sunshine. The next stage of the undercoating was the lower bodyside, but as we painted the roof on a Sunday that would have to wait...


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