FNV 15 - Our Albion Viking

In late 2000 my friend Alistair was worried about the cost of running a van, and wanted to find a cheaper solution for the modest amount of work it was doing. As it worked out the solution found him, as a mutual friend of ours found he had one too many bus preservation commitments, and offered us the chance to buy an ex-Fife Albion Viking cheap, rather than risk a new owner scrapping it or merely using it for spares. The sections below detail how we obtained and restored this fine all-Scottish bus!

'Express Service' To Methil

As usual, buying FNV 15 was the easy part, but we still had to transport an unroadworthy vehicle about half the length of Fife! We were fortunate the the former owner got us in touch with a very good towing company, so here is the lowdown on Moving FNV 15 To Methil !

Starting The Re-paint

After bodywork repairs we set out to give it a much needed re-paint, starting (of course) at the beginning! Here is a short tour around the Viking In Its Prime(r)!

In The Pink !

Painting a bus in Fife Ayres Red means using pink undercoat, so we had to create A PINK Bus?

Glossing It Over

For people like us, pink undercoat is not enough! Time to open up can of paint and have a session or two Seeing (Ayres) Red (section not ready yet - sorry)

'Putting A Shine On'

Although FNV was now in Ayres Red, the painting work wasn't over as we still wanted to varnish it to give a beautiful finish. Here are some pictures from the day we spent Putting A Shine On!

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