AGE748B Rejuvenated!

Even before we got AGE748B back to Methil we knew we had a fair amount of work ahead of us, as even although the frames and skid unit (a JCB 4C is built around a Fordson Powermajor tractor chassis, often referred to as a skid unit) were sound, there was a lot of rust and body damage which would need to be repaired. Another problem we found was that while the tyres on the original wheels we brought back from Bo'ness were too perished to be usable, the tyres on the smaller replacement wheels that the SRPS had fitted to the JCB were nearly as bad. But they still held air pressure for long enough to be usable (just), so we decided to defer the cost of replacing them for a while. As for the engine, it was running surprisingly badly and leaking so much oil that at some point someone had hung a tin baking tray under it to catch the oil!

In this section I have documented as best I can at least some of the work we did to rejuvenate AGE748B. Inevitably this is limited somewhat by the camcorder footage I took at the time, and thus mainly concentrates on bodywork repairs and the various stages of the subsequent re-paint. Oddly enough the two things that seemed the most worrying, being the rough running and the leaking oil (neither of which were particularily photogenic and thus are not covered below), turned out to be fairly minor problems when we got around to investigating as it turned out the timing was way off and there was a threaded hole at the front of the engine with oil spitting out of it when the engine was running. So we moved the timing adjuster from one end of it's travel to the mid-point to make it run sweeter and found a short bolt with the right thread to plug the hole and made the tin tray redundant! I wish all engine problems could be cured so easily...

A Good Start!

After we moved AGE748B to Methil in June 2004 I seem not to have filmed it until early August for some reason, but at least by then there was some progress worth filming, as can be seen in AGE748B Rejuvenated! Part 1.

After Just One Day!

Sometimes you do a lot of work without much visible progress, but not always! See what I mean in pictures captured from filming just one day on from Part 1 above, in AGE748B Rejuvenated! Part 2.

Undercoated Arm

Steady progress rather then meteoric, but it's no great surprise we got the AGE748Bs back arm undercoated in short order after it was primed, a few pictures of which are in AGE748B Rejuvenated! Part 3.

Painting The Upper Bodywork

Despite having repaired the cab roof early on, we were now workin forwards from the back, and it was time to clean up and paint the upper bodywork. And of course the result can be seen in AGE748B Rejuvenated! Part 4.

Look - No Back Wheels!

It's still August 2004, but it was now time to clean up and repaint the chassis and wheelarches, so we took the back wheels off and sat AGE748B down on a very sturdy block of wood so that we could start on this in AGE748B Rejuvenated! Part 5.

Undercoating Chassis & Cab

It's (almost) all in the title! Visit AGE748B Rejuvenated! Part 6 if you doubt it!

Very Yellow!

We were now getting yellow gloss onto ever larger areas of AGE748B, having completed the painting of the back half of the chassis and also the cab interior, as pictured in AGE748B Rejuvenated! Part 7.

Priming Up Front

Intro AGE748B Rejuvenated! Part 8.

Canary Yellow Front Half!

Intro AGE748B Rejuvenated! Part 9.

Nearing Completion?

Intro AGE748B Rejuvenated! Part 10.

Yes, Nearing Completion!

Intro AGE748B Rejuvenated! Part 11.

Painting Done!

Intro AGE748B Rejuvenated! Part 12.

Front Arm Vinyls

Intro AGE748B Rejuvenated! Part 13.

Job Done!!!

Intro AGE748B Rejuvenated! Part 14.

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