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Having a restored JCB4C in working order is all very well, but since we already had an perfectly serviceable JCB 3CIII (MSC103T) that was easier to drive, it seemed that AGE748B might just have to sit idle alongside the rest of our collection... Or did it? Well although we haven't had a lot for it to do (and had problems with the back wheels for some years after 2004 which haven't helped), it is very handy to have a spare JCB sometimes! In this section you will find not only some ordinary pictures of AGE748B at Methil, but also such pictures as I have of AGE748B at work. And when it's in action, it's a real blast from the past!

Arrival Day!

On 19th June 2004, the day we moved AGE748B to Methil, things went so well we had time left over. So, for fun, we were able to do some initial testing and I took the chance to get some nice camcorder footage and 35mm pictures of our JCB 4C doing so on its Arrival Day!.

Backup Coal Loader (Part 1)

Having, after several months restoration, a passably serviceable JCB4C available, we were able to take MSC103T out of use for some weeks for a complete re-paint. And while AGE748B was deputising for it on coal-loading, I filmed it on a couple of occasions. So here is the first set of captured pictures filmed on 13th October 2004 that I have entitled Backup Coal Loader! (Part 1).

Backup Coal Loader! (Part 2)

A few weeks later, with MSC103T still out of service for it's complete re-paint, I did some more filming of AGE748B. So here are even more pictures of AGE748B at work on 7th October 2004 in Backup Coal Loader! (Part 2).

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