My friends and I have been preserving trains, buses, cranes, and items of plant for a long time now, but have generally faced something of an uphill struggle to do so. Up to 2004 we had seldom been offered the chance to preserve anything by it's then owner (FRD187 was the only previous occasion I can remember), and once we have a suitable preservation candidate 'in our sights', have always then had to negotiate it's purchase and find the money to afford it. However in the spring of 2004 the exception to this came our way when a most interesting type of JCB was not just offered to us unexpectedly by some fellow preservationists, but they didn't want a penny for it either! Too good to be true? Surely there must be a catch? Well yes, there were two catches. Firstly, some fairly basic work on the machine was required as it hadn't run for a while and was not in a fit state to be loaded for transport, and secondly, they needed it moved as soon as possible as the alternative was for it to be scrapped!

AGE748B is a JCB4C built (or originally licenced at any rate since it is built around a tractor chassis with a 1963 serial number) in 1964, which we were told had been gifted to the Scottish Railway Preservation Society many years previously and had been extensively used by them, but which had fallen out of use at the Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway and was not longer wanted there. And, thanks to 26040, they knew some people who might be interested! And indeed we were...

High Speed Digger?

Not without help! To get AGE548B to Methil we had to hire a semi-low loader, which promptly transported it faster than it had probably ever gone before! See my pictures of A 4C On The Move.

40 Years Young!

As usual, getting a vehicle we have preserved back to Methil was the easy bit! So here is the story of what we did to out JCB4C to make it look young again, in AGE748B Rejunvenated!.

The AGE748B Galleries

Although AGE748B is not road licenced, it has done a little work for us at Methil and thus there are more pictures of it for you to see in The AGE748B Galleries.

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