Yellow & Blue!

On 16th August 2003, Only two days on from the date of the pictures in the last set, and with the weather looking OK, we considered it high time we got some BR Locomotive End Yellow paint out (actually a tin of BR Engineers Yellow we had got second-hand, but it's exactly the same shade that BR used on locomotive ends in the 1970s!). In our opinion (and on this Alistair & I have no dispute whatsoever!) this colour paired up with BR Blue is the perfect livery for an ex-BR locomotive as the two shades compliment each other perfectly!

To start with however, here are a few pictures of 26040 taken before we started painting the ends with yellow undercoat and then gloss. If you are curious about why the cabsides under the cab side windows are still in primer, it's in case of paint drips - we often start at the top and work down so that drips won't ruin paint already put on!









Since I do the preservation work as well as film and take pictures of it, there aren't any pictures of 'work in progress in this set', but never mind that, feast your eyes on the following!

















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