On this, the first page covering the restoration work on 26040, are displayed pictures from the 27th October 2002, a month or so after the loco was moved so that we could work on it.

In this short time we had already cleaned out the broken glass from the window frames, painted round them (to ensure we wouldn't get rust under the window rubbers at a later date), and got a plant glazing company in to measure up and fit suitable glass. Expensive, but very necessary!

1. First a general view of the No 2 end, showing it's centre end window, the only one not broken by vandals whilst 26040 was stored at Methil Power Station, flanked by the newly fitted drivers and secondmans front windows.


2. A slightly closer view, showing more clearly the hole for the secondsmans side window, which hasn't yet been fitted - the glazing company took several visits to fit all the windows. Also noticeable through this hole is some daylight, as we hadn't yet made and fitted a new hatch on the boiler room.


3. A view of one of the side windows next, which being small were amongst the first windows fitted for us. We had already painted the area around the edge of the hole in an approximation of BR Blue, to minimise the chances of this metal rusting under the window rubber. This one is the boiler room window just visible at the left of the first pcture above.


4. Swinging round a bit, here is a view of the three engine room windows on the same side. The neat windowing job is something of a contrast to the shabby state of the rest of the bodyside, but of course we hadn't yet had time to tackle that - you've got to start somewhere!


5. Now for the No 1 end, where all the end windows are new. I can't remember why the centre window was the only one whose edges were been painted yellow out of the 5 end windows replaced, but it must have been tempting fate, as the inward pressure of the rubber on this piece of glass caused a crack to appear very quickly, which we decided to live with (which might just have been something to do with having just got a large bill for the glass!).


7. For completeness, here is a view of the four side windows on the other side, complete with their 'edge' of blue paint! Again the bodywork is a bit sad looking, with visible rust in places.


8. Lastly, here is one of the old window panes, cracked but not smashed!


As mentioned above, the glazing company wasn't finished when I took these pictures, but it wasn't long before the four sets of cab side windows were also fitted. However you will have to visit my next set of pictures if you want to see those...

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