26040 Restored!

Getting 26040 to Methil West in September 2002 was a big, big step, but this was far from the end of our worries about the locomotive. Having 1) been withdrawn by BR with electrical problems, 2) had many of it's cab & boiler-room fittings and interior panelling dismantled (and chucked into the engine room!) during asbestos removal, 3) been stored at Methil Power Station for well over seven years (where we were not allowed to work on it), and 4) spent a couple of years without a roof on the boiler room after it disappeared in a gale, we faced a huge restoration challenge!

Creating interesting web pages about all the work we have done is tricky to say the least, especially as a lot of the work wouldn't have shown up well in pictures, even if my hands had been clean enough, which they often weren't. Although I know the dates of all the pictures showing the restoration, I have to rely on memory for the descriptions (when I have found the time to write any!) of what was done at each stage, but with or without captions the pictures on these pages should serve to give you the flavour of the work we had to do.

A Glass-Eyed Start!

The first problems we faced after 26040 was moved was that all but one of the windows was broken, and that the boiler room hatch was missing. So we started by doing some some Windowing! (27/10/02).


Having got all the broken windows replaced, it was time we fitted a replacement boiler room roof hatch to complete the job of Weatherproofing! (28/12/02).

Raining Outside?

Getting 26040 weatherproof and repaired externally wasn't everything of course. Even as we were doing that, we were using bad weather days for the long job of internal repairs and cab re-assembly as an Inside Job! (16/2/03).

Patch Up Job!

More bodywork repairs, mainly Patches On The No 2 End (30/3/03).

A Spring Tour, Inside & Out

A Spring Tour of 26040 A Spring Tour, Inside & Out (20/4/03).


Well de-grilling actually! In order to paint both the grilles and the edges of the radiator compartment behind them, it was time for Grills Off! (8/5/03).


After having spent so long doing bodywork repairs to 26040, it was time to paint the bodywork with primer. And since we used a light grey primer to cover the previous 'Dutch' livery, 26040 temporarily looked for all the world like a Ghost Train! (25/5/03).

A Bit Of BR Blue...

...on the roof, and blue undercoat on the side for good measure! View pictures of the Re-paint In Progress! (14/8/03).

Yellow & Blue!

A mere two days later, 26040 was looking more like it's old self, albeit with grey primer still on the cabsides! See the first pictures of 26040 in Yellow & Blue! (16/8/03).

A (BR) Blue Finish!

See pictures of the last stage of the last of the BR Blue paint being applied to the cabsides in A (BR) Blue Finish! (17/8/03).

Ghost Buffers?

Having painted the bodywork, we turned our attention to the buffers, couplings, and bufferbeam fittings. And as always, I got my camera out and got pictures of the Ghost Buffers? (22/8/03).

Black Buffers!

We moved on quickly to paint the buffers, couplings, and bufferbeam fittings, but after painting the No 2 end, I couldn't resist getting my camera out immediately to get pictures of the Black Buffers! (31/8/03).

Is BR Back?

I hope not, but after finishing the re-paint of the bodywork, we put on all the right vinyls to make 26040 look exactly like a BR Loco On The Track! (20/9/03).

Just For Fun!

A set of pictures I took for fun! They don't show much further progress, but what the heck! See More Pictures in BR Blue! (7/10/03).

(Nearly) Complete, Inside & Out!

Another winter, another spring, and we had re-assembled & painted most of the loco internally as well as externally, so that 26040 was now (Nearly) Complete, Inside & Out! (12/4/04).

Black Reek!

On 9th May 2004, we got 26040 to start briefly several times, but the 12 year old fuel still in the pipes initially produced seriously black exhaust fumes! Here is the story of The First Startups! (9/5/04).

Back In Action!

It took us a whole 10 months (during which time we restored a JCB as well for good measure!) to fix the problems we discovered during the first startups of 26040, but by March 2005, we were ready to try again! So here are pictures of The Second Startups! (13/3/05).

Is It All Working?

After fixing some further problems, we had a loco that would stay running. But we still had to test out all the systems, one by one. Time to Test The Beast! (8/5/05).

Odd Appearance!

A couple of fun (?) pictures of 26040 from a sunny day with black clouds (!), giving 26040 an Odd Appearance! (12/6/05).

Rusted To the Track?

No! Some captured pictures from the video footage of 26040's First Movement! (17/7/05).

Loco In The Night!

By the autumn of 2005, we had fixed all the electrical systems on 26040 that we could test. So it was time to start up, switch the lights on, and see 26040 All Lit Up! (30/10/05).

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