26040 Stored At Perth

This is a short set of vsnaps of 26040 sitting parked at the Perth stabling point taken during 1994, between the time we bought it (by tender) for preservation and it being moved in the autumn of 1994 to Springburn for the mandatory asbestos removal.

1. In the first of these shots, the TOPS number and the cast double-arrow on the cab side can easily be seen, despite the best efforts of the fence I was filming over!


2. A closer zoom next showing the shape of the front end of 26040 more clearly, including the plated over front end door, which has long been a notable feature of the BRCW Type 2s. 26040 was still in reasonable body condition in 1994, but some corrosion has appeared at the ends since.


3. Now for a more general shot of 26040 in the Perth stabling point. As you can see, the stabling point was not well used by 1994, with dead DMUs, snowploughs, and withdrawn Class 26s the only things to be seen there. The DMUs made life difficult as I could only get a good view of 26040 from one position, and couldn't see any of the other Class 26s at all.


4. An almost identical shot to the last one, but showing the snowplough more clearly. It is ironic that I only got my camcorder about the time 26040 was withdrawn in December 1992, and in the following 9 months or so didn't manage to film any other Class 26 working for BR. The main reason for this, of course, was that during 1993 I was saving up to join in a bid to buy 26040 (one of my favourite Class 26s as it worked out).



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