In 1993 I joined in a bid to buy a Class 26 for preservation. At that time, not one single member of the Class had been preserved, and of the 28 that still existed (out of 47 built), only 5 were still active on BR. In the summer of 1993 we got our chance, and chose to bid on 26040, which was still intact, and stored at Perth where it wasn't liable to be robbed for spares. The bid was successful, but the story was one of delays and problems, as it was more than a year before we could take delivery, and it was then stored from 1994 to 2002. Things are looking up however, as we were finally able to move it to somewhere we could work on it, using the restoration skills we spent the intervening years practicing! (To see what I mean, take a look round the rest of the J-Files!)

BR Days

This section started small, but is growing steadily as I been 'loaned' several pictures of 26040 working for BR to add to a few of my own! Here is 26040 In BR Days.

Was The End Nigh?

Not after September 1993, but from the date of formal withdrawal until the mandatory asbestos removal in late 1994 26040 sat at Perth for nearly 2 years. Here are a few vsnaps of 26040 Stored At Perth.

Road Train!

After waiting for over a year, we were able to take delivery in December 1994. Moving it by rail was out of the question, and as it turned out moving it by road really was a Slow Train To Fife !

Moving Trains!

For us, trains on the move isn't a regular occurrence, but by September 2002 it was long overdue since all our railway stock had been stored at Methil Power Station for nearly 8 years. Visit this special section about the two September days that 26040 and the rest of our rolling stock were Heading West !

Restoration Required?

Yes! And we did it! The bulk of the restoration work on 26040 was done in the period 2002-2005, and generated so many pictures that I have had to give them a section of their own. Check out 26040 Restored!

The 26040 Galleries

I have (unsurprisingly) taken a lot of pictures of 26040 since we restored it, and although many are a bit repetitious there are some that are different and interesting, and you can see these in The 26040 Galleries

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