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The Author

I've put a few details about myself on a separate page. Click here !


General Information

These pages are updated fairly frequently, usually to add items and information, but there is no regular update schedule. The contents and links are items of interest to me (basically pictures of trains, buses, cranes and industrial machines), which I hope will interest you as well. The format, is very very plain by current standards, but I don't see any benefits from complexity and the current setup is at least easy to maintain. Increasing bandwidth over the years means I am not too concerned these days about putting lots of moderate quality pictures on a single page since most people viewing these will (I hope) still see my pages load quite quickly, but I discovered after some experimentation with higher resolution images that it is still possible to overload a web browser so I am sticking to either 853x480 or 640x480 pixel images for now. (And there won't be too much pilfering of comparatively low-res images like these either!)

If you like what you see, please let me know, as I might be able to provide more. If you don't like my pages, I'm sorry, but I never expected to please everyone.

About The Photo Album

It is my hope to keep developing my virtual Photo Album indefinitely, or at least while I have a website for it and a supply of new pictures to use. As a life-long railway enthusiast, it is inevitable that almost all of the pictures will be of trains and railways, although other things will creep in from time to time.

I have been taking conventional photographs since about 1979, and have scanned some of the best of my 1980's photos (still not very high quality though). I have taken to calling these scans 'esnaps',and I have moved on to using this name for all digital photographs other than those captured from camcorder footage. Having been filming trains and buses for a long time now, I am in a good position to capture images and I choose to call these 'virtual esnaps', or just simply 'vsnaps'. And, despite their relatively low resolution, vsnaps are in some ways the backbone of my webpages as they allow me a good supply of images of places and events where I don't have many other images available.

Of course digital photograhy has got much better and lot cheaper in recent years, and I am now taking esnaps in quantity, although, as mentioned briefly above, I currently have to make lower resolution copies for use on my webpages.

About The Photo Album

In the current version of my photo album I group sets of pictures according to a variety of themes, each of which has a sub-menu of it's own. Currently most the pictures & themes are of trains and buses, but I don't have a set policy on what I feature and add pictures of other things when I want to. Updates are done when (or if!) I have the time and have pictures I want to add!

About The J-Files & SAK Pages

Most of the remarks about the Photo Album above stand true for the J-Files and the SAK pages as well, although these areas of my website were well planned and structured from the start, largely due to the pictures on them falling naturally into picture sets due to their content. In fact, I then used these as a model for updating the photo album at the start of 2009 as it's format was by then inferior to these newer pages!

Colour Schemes

Visitors to these pages might be interested in the colour schemes I am currently using, especially in the J-Files where the colours used for the pages on each preserved item are usually an approximation to it's own colours. The biggest problem I had doing that was in the pages for 26040 and the 'Heading West!' special feature where I have had to substutute dark blue for the BR blue colour I really wanted, as I can't find a shade that is at all close. Oh well, can't win them all!

On the 'SAK' pages the main text colour is set to a maroon shade similar to a shade currently used by Clackmannanshire Council on their signs, vehicles and suchlike. (Not that I necessarily endorse my local politicians but the council were the backers of the SAK bill presented to the Scottish Parliament so using one of their colours seemed right to me!)

Alas, I can't guarantee the exactness of any shades, as I just chose them by eye, but in most cases they are fairly close to the shade I was trying to match!


Update History

6/1/17 Details - A quick home page message to apologise for four years without updates and to make an vague promised that I might add more material soon. Headline ->  6/1/17 - Well it's been roughly four years since I did added anything (13/2/13, but without updating my home page). Since the start of 2013, my father has died, I've had preservation setbacks, and all in all I haven't had many highlights to document. Another issue that came up was a polite request from my colleagues to reduce the size of my website as it was the largest on the staff webserver and space was running out...

Anyway things change with time and I'm hoping to resume updates, albeit at a slow rate. It will I suspect be a while before I feel able to tackle some of the preservation changes that have occurred as the bad parts are a lot too fresh in the memory, but there are other things I can add instead, although I must remember to ask again about disk space!

In the meanwhile, despite having nothing new except this message, anyone who wants to keep up with my activities can folow me on Twitter or watch out for new uploads to my YouTube channel - see below! No promises about when I will have any new material ready, but I will try not to forget to work on it!!!


6/11/12 Details - A set of bus pics with guest star Tayside 273 and a new section called 'Naturally Beautiful' started up to give a home to pictures I took on campus in the last week. The headline below covers it! Headline ->  6/11/12 - Three new picture sets, although one has been live about for a week or two without me having posted the information here! (Lazy? Me? Ehhh.... :-) Some weeks back I got asked by one of the team behind the preservation of Tayside Ailsa 273 (WTS273T) if we would mind if they brought it to pose up beside FRA1 at Methil. Well there was never much chance we would refuse a request like that, and it duly happened on 20/10/12. And the best of my pictures of that can be seen at Tayside Ailsa 273 Drops In!

My two other new sets are very new and by my standards, a bit 'left field'. Anyone browsing my website for a while (like maybe a couple of minutes!) will notice that I mostly take/capture pictures of railways, buses, plant, machinery,... However this is not because I don't like taking pictures of anything else, but because I generally don't see much else day to day! However there are exceptions and one place I spent a lot of time is at work where, if I go outside the building I work in, there is lots to see (even if I usually take it for granted). In the last week, tempted out by bright clear sunny weather, I have taken two sets of pictures of the autumn scenery & wildfowl of the University Of Stirling campus and since they might be the nicest pictures (as pictures) I have yet taken, I have created a new section of my photo album to display them with the title Naturally Beautiful!.

Maybe these three sets will be the inspiration for many new website updates on a regular basis, but it might not be too wise to bet on that... :-)


15/8/12 Details - 2012 BKR diesel gala pics added to 'Diesel Daze' section as described below Headline ->  15/8/12 - It's been a busy year, but not alas involving website updates on my part! However I have been collecting much material for future use and after the recent Bo'ness diesel gala have felt obliged to make the effort to do an update as it was such a good event (mainly due to the presence of 26038) that my esnaps & vsnaps deserve to be available here, accessible to everyone. And now they are! My pics from the Friday are under the page title 26038 All Evening! and those from the Sunday have the title Half A Diesel Day! . And they are the best 139 pictures from 678 originals, so I'll leave it to you to imagine how good the pictures were I left out! :-)


23/1/12 Details - Improvements to home page as described in headline. Headline ->  23/1/12 - A belated Happy New Year to you all! Alas inertia has triumphed in the last couple of months and I haven't managed any uploads here at all. However in odd moments I have been fiddling with this homepage and have incorporated website code supplied by both Twitter and Twitpic that display my most recent Tweets and links to my most recent Twitpic uploads. It's modest progress, but it's great to have a homepage that isn't static and unchanging when I haven't had time to do updates!


17/11/11 Details - Improvements to home page. Headline ->  25/11/11 - I've been suffering from a small dose of 'the blues' after my large update last week, since I wasn't sure what to do to my website next. However while checking that the offline backups of my webpages are all in step (a dull piece of routine housekeeping I wouldn't normally mention! :-) , I couldn't help but notice that the pictures accompanying the main section links on my home page and the text introducing them had a tired and brief feel and needed improving. So I 'dived in' and have produced some appropriate 'composite' pictures and much improved text. The 'look & feel' of my home page might not matter much in the scheme of things, but the improvements have certainly cheered me up!


17/11/11 Details - New section in the JPA for my 2011 holiday esnaps. Headline ->  17/11/11 - November marches by, and Christmas is now getting near. (Despite the opinion of the local supermarket that Chistmas is just around the corner in the last week of September!) However I finally have an update, and this time a rather large one!

For some time I have been plugging away several evenings a week for to sort out my pictures from my 5-day trip to preserved railways 'south of the border', and although I quietly linked it in some days ago it was today that I finally finished the last of the captions and accompanying text. Including video captures, I had to sort through 1686 pictures of five railways and some other locations, display them on eight web pages whilst cutting out the duplications, bad pictures, and regrettably some others to get down to a mere 516 pictures, most of them with a caption, however short! Of course this much material deserved a section of my photo album to itself, and in line with my usual sense of humor I have called it A Great Escape!. Enjoy!


22/7/11 Details - Edited up pictures of FPE88 under re-paint in a a new FPE88 sub-section of the J-Files. Headline ->  22/7/11 - Most of the time, I am a bit backlogged when it comes to new material for my website. At times I have been severely behind when it comes to sorting material, and such a situation has recently been developing as I have been less than energetic about sorting out new material as it accumulates. Now I can't catch up all at once, but I can start to gain ground by sorting out picture sets in bulk. And on this update, I have concentrated on FPE88.

Up to April of this year, I didn't have many new pictures of FPE88 on hand, and nothing particularily special amongst them, but as it happens FPE88 was getting overdue for a re-paint and thus we rolled our sleeves up and got to work. Naturally I took pictures, but alas didn't do anything with most of them them until this week, when I decided to sort them all out. And thus I have created a new section within the FPE88 part of the J-Files called FPE88 Adverted! with all the new pictures, plus a set of pictures of the re-painted FPE88 that I had set up quickly to show people back in May.

And that's all this time, although there's no shortage of material if I can find the time to set it up... :-)


30/6/11 Details - Finally edited up & linked the draft section on coal trains in Fife, spurred on by stills from new camcorder footage of an FL train. Headline ->  30/6/11 - One big omission on my website over the years has been the railways of Fife. Oh the odd picture set can be found here and there in my photo album, and the J-Files also has pictures taken in Fife relevant to 26040, but that's all. Part of the problem is that I needed some sort of Fife-related theme, since I didn't want to create a section for just any Fife railway picture sets since many of the existing pictures fit in well where they are now! So what Fife trains weren't included already? Well if there is any type of train one would associate with Fife and the rail routes into Fife, it's coal trains, and I didn't have any pictures of those in my photo album at all!

So far, so good. But all I had available was a few sets of captured stills from 1990s camcorder footage, and although I don't stick at using such pictures I would ideally want at least one set of newer and better pictures. However since late 2008, apart from Kilbagie-Longannet, there have been practically no coal trains running in Fife. This has held me up for some time, but in the last week or so Freightliner have been running coal to Longannet from Leith via Stirling twice a day, and sending the empties back via Dunfermline and the Forth Bridge. So I went out earlier in the week and filmed this working at Culross (Video here) and at Dalmeny (no video upload as excessive use of the zoom made it a bit wobbly!), giving me something new to capture stills from!

With no excuses left, I have therefore created a new section of my photo album for pictures from my outings to film coal trains in and around Fife (need to include the pictures from Dalmeny after all, and I did film more than just the coal train while there!). As well as the new pictures, I have added in two sets of pictures of coal trains at Westfield, Kinglassie, & Thornton Yard in 1994, and also a short 1996 set of pictures of a train leaving Methil Power Station. As for a title, I settled on ' King Coal!'


15/4/11 Details - A new web page, plus links to new vids flagged in the headline. Headline ->  11/5/11 - Unlike the 'A-Team', I can't always use the phrase 'I love it when a plan comes together', since in real life sometimes they don't! And this update really rubs that in...

Take the 'Cathedrals Express' railtour yesterday. The steam loco 46115 'Scots Guardsman' was due at Cadder Yard near Bishopbriggs at lunchtime, was then due to go back to Cowlairs without its support coach to turn on the triangle there, and return to Cadder. Later in the afternoon the railtour was due to arrive with 61994 & 44871 and soon after head south with 46115. Well I got the afternoon off, and headed for the bridge at the south end of Cadder yard where I could film most of the the comings and goings. When I got there 46115 had clearly been and gone, which I had expected, and I filmed it coming back, which can be viewed here . I had time to kill before the railtour arrived so I went away, but although I came back with plenty of time the railtour ran 45 mins early and arrived before me! Then, half an hour or so before the railtour was due to leave a coal lorry needed into Cadder yard past where my car was parked, and the railtour left while I was moving the car! However I was able to get ahead of it by using the M8 & A8 to go out to Whifflet, and the resulting video can be seen here. Since an early departure had turned into right-time running by Whifflet, and since 61994 turned out to have left early for Fife, I couldn't catch up with that either. And it wasn't until the next day (today) that I found out that 44871 had stayed behind at Cadder, not that it would have been worth going back there to film an engine not doing much. Oh, and I got rained on more than once. And still enjoyed myself! Oh and stills pictures may follow at some point, but not today!

Or take our plans to re-paint FPE88 in time for the Lathalmond running day on 15/5/11. There is no doubt that a re-paint was needed, since we have been patch-painting peeling sections of the roof for about a year now, and we got good weather at Easter. George wanted to reproduce an advertisement livery that FPE88 had once carried, which required the midsection of the bus to be painted blue. OK, we bought blue paint (possibly not the right shade but shade-matching from old photos is a losing game!). We painted the bus (and I will put up pics of the re-painting someday). George got the bus measured for the advert vinyls and ordered the rest of the insignia. However the plan collapsed at this point as the vinyls won't be ready in time. Oh well, nothing for it but to take the bus with no insignia at all! Now I videoed FPE88 on the 1st of May with the re-paint finished apart from the wheels, which I have now uploaded to YouTube and which can be seen here. But I have also taken stills from it, and the best of them can now be viewed on a page entitled Red, (Off-)White, & Blue!.

Two plans that didn't work out, but the results are interesting nonethless!


11/5/11 Details - description and links to two new web pages. Headline ->  15/4/11 - I must really getting back into the swing of things if I'm doing an update after only a week! Well, yes, sort of, since this update is two sets of pictures from camcorder footage taken in the last couple of days and isn't anything I had 'on file'!

Firstly I took the day off work on Wednesday 13/4/11 as FPE88 was booked for it's annual MOT. Since the best way to ensure a pass first time is to have a carload of tools parked outside to fix minor problems on the spot, I was able to get ahead of FPE88 a couple of times on the way and also filmed it going into the test station. And I went on at lunchtime today to capture stills pictures from this footage and set them up as a web page under the title MOT Day 2011

And the other set of pictures are really fresh, as they are taken from camcorder footage of an inspection train that ran south through Bridge Of Allan today that I managed to film through taking a carefully timed morning coffee-break. (I get wonderfully accurate 'Gen' these days! :-) And the traction? Well I called the page 31s Out Inspecting!

Oh and I'll still wish you 'Happy Easter!' in advance, just in case it takes me more than a week to do another update! ;-)


8/4/11 Details - Greeting, details of thirteen recent YouTube uploads with a channel link, and info about two new pages in the Special Delivery section. Headline ->  8/4/11 - Three months since the last update, and in case I don't have time for a further update in the next week or two, I'll err on the safe side and wish you a Happy Easter! Of course, and not for the first time since the start of last year, the reason is pressure of work, but since it pays the bills, it's a habit I'd better not break! But having recently finished on a large upgrade project, at least there might be a bit less for a while...

Winter is obviously not a good time for filming, as camcorders don't go well with bad weather & darkness, but I have done some filming in the last month or so and have in fact uploaded 13 new video clips to YouTube recently. Three are of EMUs at new stations on the Airdrie-Bathgate route, as I used any excuse to get these new stations on film, and Class 334s definitely fit that description! Next up, just after the clocks changed, I tried out a new place to film at the Alloa loop on the SAK, and have uploaded a clip of a typical early evening coal train to Longannnet. Then there are a couple of clips of FPE88 & FRA1 at Methil, just to keep bus enthusiasts happy! Perhaps the most interesting uploads are six clips from last Monday of a special working on the BKR and the E&G to move 37906 back down to England after its 'holiday'. 26024 kicked off by hauling 37906 and 57001 up to Manuel unction, after which 57001 took over for the main line journey with 37906, which I filmed as it passed Linlithgow. The most recent upload, for now, was the DBS Perth coach-cleaning run a couple of days ago, which I caught up with at Polmont thanks to having the afternoon off. Individual links are too much trouble (sorry!) but they can all be found amongst the 243 (!) uploads here!

And what of my website? Well it takes more time that uploading to YouTube, but I felt it was time to get updating again and thus have made the effort. However I still didn't have that much time to work on it and had to had to stick to pictures that were easily available. I therefore used stills from this weeks videos to create pictures sets of 26024/37906/57001 on the BKR, 57001/37906 passing Linlithgow, and the DBS Perth coach-cleaning run at Polmont. Too easy? Maybe I'll have the time for something more ambitious next time!


5/1/11 Details - New Diesel Daze page for stills from the Bo'ness Class 37 gala on 2/1/11, and message below flags both the new page and the YouTube uploads that go with it. Headline ->  5/1/11 - Happy New Year! And I'm wishing you this only 5 days into 2011, rather than belatedly a month or two late... However, thanks to the holiday season, I both had the time for an update and also a large new set of interesting pictures that I wanted very much to add.

In this case the story goes back to the late autumn, when we got asked if we could provide a free bus service for the Bo'ness Class 37 Golden Jubilee gala, due to the lack of non-rail public transport on Sunday 2nd January 2011, and were happy to do so. (We were of course promised our fuel costs back, which is only fair!) So on the day we made our way there in FPE88 to run shuttle services to Bo'ness from Linlithgow station, got to see no fewer than 5 Class 37s in action, and we fitted in some train travel around our bus service as well into the bargain!

Of course I filmed & snapped FPE88 and quite a lot of the railway activity around Bo'ness station, and also managed a return trip to Manuel behind 37175, which I think looked the best of the locomotives in use that day since it was in BR Blue, so I have no shortage of material. As usual, I have uploaded the best of my videos to YouTube, which in this case adds up to 5 clips of FPE88 and 12 of the Class 37s, and these can all be found here!

The stills pictures presented a bigger problem as the ones of FPE88 at an event would normally belong under 'Rallies & Events' and the railway pics elsewhere, but I decided the pictures all belonged together and have set them up in the 'Diesel Daze' section of my photo album -someday soon I will sort out links so that the pictures can be access from the J-Files as well, but right now you can see them here. What a way to start a new year... :-)


29/10/10 Details - New section added for pictures of static displays set up with pics from my visit a week ago to the NRM. Message below links without doing more than hint at the NRM, but since the pic page has no text or captions yet I needed to get people to go via the index. (Which is wasted effort if I post a direct link on scot-rail as usual!) Headline ->  29/10/10 - Six months without an update! Alas not only have I not had the time to sort out one, I haven't even set a new personal best for non-updates! (The record is well over a year! :-) However those of you that follow my YouTube uploads will know that I have been taking the time to upload new videos over the months, and indeed have on several occasions uploaded 'sets' of clips, which is why the grand total now stands at 180 uploads, some of them fairly interesting! Since I haven't updated my own links, these can be best accessed directly here!

However I had to get things back to normal (whatever that is!) sometime and since I had a set of stills pictures taken with my camcorder last week that I really wanted to put live, I got to work. However they didn't fit any of the existing sections of my album all that well, so I did what I usually do - create another section! In this case it's a section for pictures of items On Display! Obviously I'm starting this section up with only one set of pictures, but what a set of pictures! (Hint: I was in York... ;-)


23/4/10 Details - Message about YouTube uploads Feb-April being linked to Jeff's Video Album! as described below. Headline ->  23/4/10 - I'm tempted to believe that I'm a victim of the Chinese curse 'may you live in Interesting Times!', as the last two and a half months have been a seemingly endless stream of interesting events! Alas a lot of that is work-related (which I finding quite interesting, even if most people wouldn't :-), and since it involved getting to work for 6.30am on quite a number of occasions it's hardly surprising that website updates simply stopped for the duration, since by early evening lately I often can't keep my eyes open, let alone work a computer. However many interesting things outside of work have been happening during that time and I have filmed as much of it as I can so that I can document them here sometime. For now however, you will have to be content with a hasty update to the Jeff's Video Album, page so that there is a working link (fingers crossed) to all 82 of my current YouTube uploads, fourteen of which I have uploaded in the last 5 days! Highlights include the steam locos 6201 'Princess Elizabeth' and 70013 'Oliver Cromwell' visiting Scotland, views of the first Freightliner Class 70 to work trains in Scotland, a visit to the SAK by the 'Mini-Banana' (950001) and probably the last footage of A103OUG before it's re-paint into a 1980s Fife Scottish colour scheme, which is being carried out as I type this message! 'Interesting Times' is absolutely right!!!


4/2/10 Details - Message about more YouTube uploads and corresponding links added to Jeff's Video Album! as described below. Headline ->  4/2/10 - What a difference a week makes! After my message this time last week about having created a page with links to all my YouTube video uploads I expected a quiet week, with maybe one or two more uploads from my 10 months of filming with my new camcorder. Well I found a few clips I hadn't previously uploaded, and they have enjoying modest success (by my standards anyway!). Then things got busier when, yesterday, I took very carefully timed coffee-breaks to see and film an ECS working from Edinburgh to Perth and back - 12 coaches, top & tailed, with three blue-grey coaches in the rack. Two uploads, 150-odd hits in around 24 hours. Excellent! However the triumph of the week is that I sorted out five pieces of 'old' camcorder footage from 2005 onto a DVD, managed to find free software to convert them in to .avi files on my computer at work, and have now uploaded them. A fair amount of work, but was it worth it? Well they are the majority of the footage I have of 26040 with it's engine running (before it's battery set failed on us) so the answer is Yes! I now have all 60 of my uploads linked in at Jeff's Video Album, so my next problem is stopping myself uploading a lot lot more! But not this week...


28/1/10 Details - Added 'Jeff's Video Album!' as described below. Although it looks like a main section of my website, it is currently only an index page (and some associated picture files) acting as an index to my vids on YouTube, but that suits me as it won't be so hard to maintain! Headline ->  28/1/10 - Belated Happy New Year! I'd like to say that I have had a productive time since early December, but as far as web pages goes, I have to admit that isn't the case. And the recent bad weather hasn't helped our preservation activities since we mostly work outdoors. And although I had a recent trip to Manchester at my employers expense, I haven't had the time since to do much about the modest camcorder footage I filmed there.

However it's not all doom and gloom as I discovered in mid-December that I could once again upload pieces of camcorder footage to YouTube after a period of months where my attempts were being mis-processed, and have now more than doubled the number of clips of mine that can be viewed there. But that brought to a head another worry of mine - none of the clips were linked in on my website and it was high time I did something about that. So I have! Visit 'Jeff's Video Album' to see a (more or less) complete list of my uploads. And if you enjoy any of my videos please re-visit the list or my YouTube 'Channel' from time to time as I'm confident there will be more like these along soon!


4/12/09 Details - Updates as described below! Headline ->  4/12/09 - Another month has gone by, and apparently it was the wettest on record! But that hasn't stopped me from filming so I have, as usual, been able to put yet more new pictures live without finding the time to put a new message here until now! This time the emphasis is on railways as three of the four new sets are from when I caught up with BR Blue ex-Haymarket 47270 doing training runs and filmed it at three locations, while the fourth set is from a few days ago, when I went out to see yet another delivery to the Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway, this time of two of their railtour coaches that were being returned to them by WCRC after a short hire. Alas that working was done on the day by 57601 rather than a Class 33 or 37, but I filmed it anyway, and also 47643 which had been sent up from Bo'ness to fetch them after delivery. Of course all of these picture sets qualify for inclusion in my photo album section for pictures of unusual railway workings, so to see them, just visit Special Delivery!.

However for any bus fanatics out there, I can also pass on the news (for those who haven't already seen a copy) that I have managed to persuade the editor of 'Buses' to publish not one, but two of my pictures, and on different topics at that! It started over a month ago when it occurred to me to send him one of my better recent pictures of FRF63 in Ayres Red to see if it might be of use to him, and he said yes by return of email, which pleased me greatly as I had never had a picture published in any bus-related magazine before. A day or two later, as already mentioned in my last update, I saw Stagecoach 22406 on a test run in a special livery, and on the Monday sent the editor a picture of that too. And (a bit to my surprise), he published both, and in the next issue as well, which came out about three weeks after I had sent the second picture! Of course, both pictures appeared here first, but they look sooooo good on a glossy magazine page! (For the record, the pictures of 22406 and FRF63 are on pages 76 & 78 of the December 2009 'Buses'.)

And what of preservation recently? Well we've been hard at work but this doesn't always translate into usable pictures, especially when the weather is bad. Progress on FRF63 has been good though, as we have got it's Gardner 6LXB engine running smoothly now, and after a change of generator and voltage regulator it is now recharging it's batteries. Other electrical work continues... As for FRA1, we have now repainted all it's wheels (a slow job given the bad weather) and if we can also get it to re-charge it's batteries we will be well on course for an MOT next year.

Yes folks, despite the weather, I've had a good month!


4/11/09 Details - Fiddled around with some index pictures, did some file tidying and did other updates as described in the headline. Headline ->  4/11/09 - Once again it's been a few weeks since I last typed up a fresh message for my homepage, but as usual I have been busy and have done a number of assorted updates in that time. As well as more pictures in the FRF63 Reborn! section, I have added another set in the J-Files Galleries section under the title of Bus Shunting & Other Pictures! , which document a recent afternoon when we took FRF63 for a short test run inside the yard and when parking the buses up swopped it's parking position with that of FRA1 for good measure. However that isn't all, as I have put live a new section of my photo album this week. For a while now I have wanted to include things other than railways in the album, but the difficulty is sorting out reasonable pictures. In the case, of buses (excluding of course those covered in the J-Files), I wanted at least some pictures to be to reasonably good quality but until I saw (by chance) a Stagecoach bus specially re-painted for commemorative reasons out on a test run I didn't have any quality pictures. (And wasn't going to take bus pictures I didn't even want just for this purpose!) Of course, to remain topical, I then had to put the new bus pictures section live right away!!! So bus anoraks everywhere can now be underwhelmed by the contents of a section I have called Bus Travels! (Yes, another corny title is born! ;-)

7/10/09 Details - One update and some captioning as described below. Headline ->  Headline ->  7/10/09 - Another jump of a few weeks without an significant update? Actually this time yes! Well mostly. I did do some tidying up & captioning of FRF63 picture sets on the fly in mid-September, but then ran into problems with the laptop I borrow from work to do my webpage editing. (Buy my own PC? Nah, I'm Scottish!) So on weekday nights recently I've been replacing car brake pads, visiting supermarkets, watching TV, etc, etc. However I'm back editing now! And about time too as our progress on FRF63 has got as far as starting it up and getting it to move - last Saturday we (only just!) persuaded it to crawl out of it's parking space and pose for pictures alongside FRD187, FPE88, and FRA1. Since four buses were involved, the results are in the J-Files Galleries section under the title of Four Ex-Fifers In A Row! However it won't be doing that again this weekend - on the Sunday we took the front wheels off to clean them up and then paint them...

9/9/09 Details - Various updates as detailed below, plus a silent entry in the 'Capital Country' section of the photo album using pictures from a trip to Edinburgh on a leave day most people outside work didn't know I took off! Headline ->  9/9/09 - Four weeks without an update? Actually no - the problem is that I have been making so many minor updates that I decided not to put up a message here about any of them until I felt that the total amount of new material justified it. The bulk of the new pictures are of FRF63, which isn't surprising as it is the project we are spending most time on at Methil right now. As there is quite a lot of FRF63 material, I will simply refer you to the FRF63 Reborn! pages to see it (and I'm beginning to catch up with the captioning of the FRF63 pictures as well!). Another section that has got larger is The J-Files Galleries where I now have three sets of pictures instead of just one. And I have also added in the Lathalmond August weekend and a few pictures of the (very wet) Ladybank rally which can be reached via The 2009 Rally Season index. Yes, despite the weather, it's been busy!

12/8/09 Details - Two new picture sets of A103OUG and the SAK as detailed below Headline ->  12/8/09 - One of the problems with having better camera & camcorder technology is how fast new material accumulates. The last few weeks are a case in point as I had so many sets of pictures of FRF63 piling up, I just had to sort them all out and then put the new section about FRF63 live in the J-Files. However that meant delaying another couple of picture sets which I spent last night fixing up and which can now go live in turn! The first of these is a set of pictures of A103OUG I took myself as I was able to visit Rennies on a day when Alan, who helps us at Methil and is a co-owner of it, was there and working on it, and these can be seen under the title _Overhaul Pictures From 29/7/09_. The second set are of the SAK, where I managed for the first time in daylight to see (and film) two coal trains passing at one of the loops and these appear under the title _Seen In The Passing!_ Well that's the worst of my backlog dealt with, although another will surely be along soon!

11/8/09 Details - The new section for FRF63 went live silently about a week ago (after being in draft since April!) but having added even more new pictures of it from the weekend I felt it was time to mention it on the home page as detailed below. Headline ->  11/8/09 - My latest update adds a new and fairly large section about a bus that up to now I hasn't featured in the J-Files at all. Despite our having been involved with it's original preservation in 1997 and it having been bought by one of us and moved to Methil in 2003, I was baffled about how to include a bus that is difficult to photograph where it is parked, which we weren't working on, and which looked terrible anyway due to the previous owner having removed a lot of body panels! However since Easter we have been working hard on it (between rallies anyway) and it is high time I introduced you all to _FRF63_ an ex-Fife Fleetline.

21/7/09 Details - Two new sections as detailed below, plus some other work on pages that aren't nearly ready to go live yet! Headline ->  21/7/09 - In the last 4 weeks I have added two whole sections to the J-Files. The first of these is a catch-up exercise to add in details of AGE748B, which is a JCB 4C we were gifted in 2004. Although we did a lot of restoration work on it soon after we got it, much of which I filmed at the time, I somehow never got around to adding it into the J-Files. This I have now corrected, and although the new section is still gradually being tidied up and typically lacks captions and some explanatory text, it can now be viewed at _AGE748B_. The second new section is quite different, however. Since the spring of 2008 we have been helped out at Methil a lot by Alan Scott, who is a fellow preservationist who lives in Fife and who became a co-owner in a bus preservation project at that time. Since Alan is a good friend and doesn't have a website of his own, I would have been happy to add his bus into the J-Files anyway, but as it happens _A103OUG_ has a much more interesting history than I realised when I first saw it, and Alan is working hard to give an interesting future as well!

22/6/09 Details - Copious updates in the last 5 weeks, most made silently until referred to in the headline below which is lengthy as a result. Headline ->  22/6/09 - I have made a fair number of updates in the last 5 weeks or so without somehow finding the time to flag them up here. However since several of these are pictures from various vehicle events, I can start by saying that all the new bus-related updates are accessible from the index page for The 2009 Rally Season.

However I have added much more than that in recent weeks as I created a whole new section of my photo album called Scottish Central to give me a place to put pictures taken at Stirling and at other places along the Scottish Central main line that don't belong elsewhere. Of course the idea only occurred to me when I wanted to set up a batch of new pictures taken at Stirling and couldn't find a suitable section to put them in... A couple of weeks after that I spent a day off work chasing (unhurredly - it was a day off after all) a special working - the SRPS were due to get back locomotives that they had sent to attend a diesel gala elsewhere and I filmed and then captured pictures of the Return Convoy From Keighley. And I'm still not finished, since last Friday I sacrificed my afternoon coffee break to go and film a passing railtour at Bridge Of Allan whose traction can easily be deduced from the page title - Western Chieftain!

A further development is that after a few early experiments in uploading footage from my new camcorder to 'YouTube' I have started to do so on a bigger scale, and now have 15 'clips' available for viewing there (4 bus & 11 railway). I haven't time to try and link them in right now, so I'll content myself by saying that a YouTube search on 'jw26040' (my username there) ought turn up at least one of them, and that having seen one, YouTube then offers the chance to see other clips from the same source. And the most recent one, featuring the railtour mentioned above, has now been viewed 158 times! Guess I must be doing something right...

Phew! I thought that this entry would never end but I seem finally to have run out of new updates to mention. Never mind, some more will doubtless be along soon! ;-)

14/5/09 Details - As given in the headline! Headline ->  14/5/09 - Updates in two sections this time round. Firstly, having kicked off our 2009 rally season last weekend, I have sorted out some pictures of our two days at Steam In The Park 2009. However on Tuesday, I went out to film a special train that was due to pass though Alloa, and since I started a bit early, have ended up with a photo feature in my SAK pages called Turbostar, Freightliner, & Measuring Train, which, however clunky as a title, is at least a fair summary of the pictures on the page! Captions to follow...

5/5/09 Details - Various updates to the J-Files, including updated indeax, added sections for 'FRA1' and the 'J-Files Galleries', as well as belated notice of recent pictures of FPE88 getting a chassis wash added silently a week or two back. Headline ->  5/5/09 - Over a month since the last update, but hardly a minute wasted! To start with I have added pictures of FPE88 getting a chassis wash here, which helped in getting it through it's annual MOT test. However a more significant addition to the J-Files has been the addition of two new sections. The first of these I have rushed through in a hurry as we took delivery of yet another bus, known to us as FRA1. And, triggered by doing some photography of FRA1 alongside our other buses a couple of days ago, I found the need to create the 'J-Files Galleries' to cover picture sets that show off more than one of our 'projects'! Last, and probably least, since I was editing the J-Files index page anyway, I added some extra pictures at the top, just for fun!

25/3/09 Details - Belated message about updates I did a week previously plus addition of 'Quicklinks' and mention of that in the headline. Headline ->  25/3/09 - You'd think that after nearly three weeks I would have another update of some sort and you'd be right. Except that this is mainly to tell you about updates I did last week! Aided by stills from a new camcorder, I added pictures of 60163 'Tornado' leaving Fife on 7th March 2009 here and some pictures of coal trains on the SAK on 18th March 2009 here, but it's taken the better part of an (admittedly busy) week to find the time to put a message up about it. However I can now also mention that I have added a section of 'Quicklinks' lower down on this page so that those of you who visit my website often can jump directly to some of the pages and sections that I suspect will be the most visited. However (sensible) suggestions for other quicklinks within my pages are welcome, and will be considered on their merits!

5/3/09 Details - Pictures of Tornado on it's first visit to Scotland now added. Headline ->  5/3/09 - Sometimes events catch up with you and you just have to push through an update! In this case the new Peppercorn A1 'Tornado' visited Scotland last Saturday, and I couldn't miss that. I even switched my camcorder over to widescreen recording, which I don't normally use because it's an early implementation and has problems, which I was reminded of when I went back over the footage last night to capture vsnaps from it - I found that I had to manually stretch out the captured images to make them usable as the camcorder had squashed up the widescreen image into a 640x480 pixel picture! Oh well, I'm in the process of speccing up a new high-definition camcorder anyway... As for the images of Tornado, I have put the entire set up here - enjoy!

13/2/09 Details - After many weeks of work, have decided to go live with my new Photo Album despite it not being nearly as developed as I had hoped. However I had to take the plunge sometime and I judged that there was now sufficient material to form a 'critical mass' and I'd be better going live than waiting any longer! The old version 2 of the album will stay live for a few weeks yet. Headline ->  13/2/09 - A belated Happy New Year to you! It's over three months since I have done an 'official' update, but I can assure you that this one has indeed taken more than 3 months to get ready. As hinted at back in October, I felt I was now long overdue to rebuild 'Jeff's Photo Album' as the current version (nominally version 2) was somewhat dated and indeed had embedded within it the original pages I set up over a decade ago! It was plagued by poor layout (often with one picture per web page!) and used rather small pictures. (Although I am not able to increase most picture sizes by much due to many pictures not having been taken or captured at very high resolution in the first place!) Having transferred over (and improved on) some of the previous picture sets, and having also added fresh pictures to fill out the growing structure, I have now decided to put live the new Version 3 of 'Jeff's Photo Album' despite it having (in places) my usual problems of missing captions and a need to add more material, since I have to do so sometime! I won't put a link here since it's linked in below, and as a bonus I have left in a link for the old version for now, just in case anyone wants a last look around it!

31/10/08 Details - Have done various small updates recently and have now updated my home page so that it is more like newer indexes. Headline ->  31/10/08 - What, no update for a whole month! Well not with new pictures, but in addition to 'silently' doing some sorting out of the picture sets I have been putting up so hurriedly in the last couple of months and doing other minor tinkering to fix mistakes, I decided to do some long overdue tidying up of my home page to make it more uniform with the other index pages. The only part of my website that now really needs an big update is my Photo Album pages, but that won't happen quickly as I will have to sort through many of the pictures to see which are substandard (standard for this website being 640x480 pixels and reasonably viewable), and what, if anything, I can do about that. Of course I (hopefully) won't be neglecting the rest, but as I don't know myself what I might be adding next in the J-Files or my SAK pages, I can only suggest checking back from time to time!

26/9/08 Details - The section on FPE88 is now mostly working, and some fixing up of the new 26040 pages has also been done. Headline ->  26/9/08 - More updates after only a week. If I don't watch out this could become habit-forming! A few interested people have spotted in the last month or so that I had set up an index page for a section on FPE88 (and also that practically nothing about it worked as the links were mostly to non-existant pages or totally dummy entries!). Anyway over the past week I have got much of that section working, the major exception being a sub-section about FPE88s restoration. On the flip side there are a fair number of picture sets now available in the new FPE88 Galleries section which, like the FRD187 Galleries, compliment the existing Events & Rallies section. Typically, there isn't much captioning yet, but you can't have everything. And at least one person spotted some of this new material within 24 hours of it being set up! For those who prefer trains to buses, I have also done some partial sorting out of about half of the new pictures in the 26040 Restored! section I announced last week for good measure!

19/9/08 Details - New section '26040 Restored!' added to the J-Files as described in the headline below. Headline ->  19/9/08 - At long last I have done what at time I thought was going to prove impossible, in that I have actually managed to capture and/or sort out all the usable pictures I have of the restoration of 26040! Admittedly there are practically no introductions or captions at present, and I have no idea when (or if!) I will catch up with that, but at least I have got something new about 26040 live! See the pictures at 26040 Restored!

3/9/08 Details - Structure and colour scheme changes to the J-Files, plus a new event calendar page, as described in the headline. Headline ->  3/9/08 - I have spent some time in the last couple of weeks in updating the format of many of the older parts of the J-Files so that the pictures are all on one page instead of having a page each! I took the chance in most cases to tinker with the colour scheme to use colours that are at least an vague approximation to those carried by the preserved item in question (just for fun!), but haven't done a lot to the picture captions which I mostly just copied across. None of that qualifies as adding of new material, I admit, but it badly needed to be done. And there is one new page listing the rally events we plan to attend in the near future - there are only two outings left in 2008, but at least I have got a page sorted out for this at The J-Files Rallies & Events Calendar .

14/8/08 Details - One new railway photo feature as explained in the headline below. Headline ->  14/8/08 - My old photo album pages (some parts of which date back to 1995!), haven't had an update of any kind for about 18 months, until a few minutes ago! It's only a short photo feature of a single locomotive, but 20905 spent a long time allocated to Haymarket depot (as D8325 and 20225), and thus was well worth an evening out yesterday to take some pictures. It was in Scotland to deliver an HST power car to Craigentinny, and couldn't have been needed elsewhere as it waited for over a week before departing this morning to take the same power car (43068) back south. See my pictures of 20905 at Craigentinny on 13/8/08 .

31/7/08 Details - Message as below, which announces the addition of new sections in the J-Files and hints at more updates to come. Not announced are various peacemeal SAK updates since April, since it would be really old news now! Headline ->  31/7/08 - At long last I have dragged the J-Files section at least partially out of 2002! Yes, inertia about doing updates, followed by a long time spent creating, improving, and updating my SAK Pages has meant that nothing of consequence has been added to the J-Files in well over 5 years, until this week. However what I have done so far is to add (much needed) new material about preservation projects not previously covered and the rally events we have been attending in the last couple of years, so the rest still awaits an overhaul, which I will hopefully attend to sometime soon. As well as the updated main index for the J-Files new material can be found about FRD187 , and also our trips to Rallies & Events, and a broken (!) link to a forthcoming set of pages about FPE88 for good measure... (I'm working on it, honest!)

10/4/08 Details - Message as below, which refers to SAK Progress Reports up to 50 being live, with 48 captioned, plus the new SAK Galleries section having been created in the last week. The changes since 8/2/08 have gone live peacemeal and silently, as I didn't want to change my homepage every few days! Headline ->  10/4/08 - It's been hectic in the last couple of months, and although I have been finding the time to work on my SAK webpages, I have been making changes so frequently that putting messages up here about the changes would have taken too long. However, as well as now having no fewer than 50 Progress Reports (48 with captions!) on my SAK Rebuilt! section, I have now through sheer necessity set up an SAK Galleries section as I needed somewhere to put up pictures of the first trains I have seen running on the SAK. Yes folks, trains! I was lucky enough to catch the first day of First ScotRail driver route-learning over the SAK on Wednesday 2/4/08, and then the frist EWS test coal train to longannet over the SAK on saturday 5/4/08. To catch up will all the new material, go to SAK Rebuilt! and The SAK Galleries.

8/2/08 Details - Message as below, referring to SAK Progress Reports up to 43 being live, plus one for 12th January 2008, and that 35 are captioned, with the alterations and additions having been done silently in recent weeks as the material was got ready. Headline ->  8/2/08 - I've been pushing onward with the SAK progress reports, and now have 44 reports available in all, with 35 captioned so far. More will follow soon, but not too many as I have nearly caught up with my supply of pictures, and may yet catch up with the captioning! As always go to SAK Rebuilt! and browse all you wish!

11/1/08 Details - Message to indicate that SAK Progress reports up to 18 are now captioned (NB captions have been added ad hoc for several months without details being added to the formal update history here, a process which will continue as no new pictures or pages are involved) Headline ->  11/1/08 - Happy New Year for 2008! For once I have managed to get that message up on this page in January rather than February or later! I wish I had a lot to announce but all I can offer right now is that in the last couple of months I have been slowly catching up with the captioning of the many SAK pictures I added last February (!) and now have all the 'SAK Rebuilt!' progress reports captioned up to Progress Report 18. This has reduced the number of pictures easily accessible by a bit, since I have cut out duplications, out of focus images and suchlike, but the pages should make a lot more sense now. To read the new captions (and the older ones for that matter!) go to SAK Rebuilt!.

7/2/07 Details - New photo feature about the visit of Classes 67 and 185 to Stirling today Headline ->  7/2/07 - Today I went and saw a special working arrived at Stirling Station consisting of a new Class 185 DMU topped & tailed by EWS Class 67s. Since I have been having an awful week at work I have cheered myself up by putting together a feature about it. So here is _Classes 67 & 185 At Stirling On 7/2/07_.

2/2/07 Details - SAK Progress Reports 8-23 added and linked in, albeit with no picture captions. Headline ->  2/2/07 - Belated 'Happy New Year'! Having been seriously busy at work in the autumn of 2006 I was hard pushed to collect material about the rapid progress being made on the SAK rebuild let alone put pictures of it happening onto web pages. However I had to make an effort on this sometime and now I have. Alas I am still short of time and since the captions were taking the longest I have simply set up the pictures I have captured from my assorted camcorder footage and will (hopefully) sort captions for them gradually. There is the bonus that you get to see all my pictures since I haven't had the time to pick and choose which ones to use either... Since I have today linked in no less than 16 sets I can't provide links here, so go to 'SAK Rebuilt!' where they are all waiting!.

11/7/06 Details - SAK Progress Report 6 added and linked in. Headline ->  11/7/06 - Well I've had a month or so off from website updates but progress on the rebuild of the SAK waits for nobody, least of all me, and I have added a small progress report with BIG news! The plain track isn't yet assembled (as far as I know), but I discovered last Friday that two points(!) have now been assembled from their component parts. Find out where by reading 'SAK Rebuilt! Progress Report No 6'.

8/6/06 Details - SAK Progress Report 5 finished and linked in. Headline ->  8/6/06 - Two updates in one day! The 5th SAK Progress report promised below is now live. It's at 'SAK Rebuilt! Progress Report No 5'.

8/6/06 Details - SAK Progress Report 4 finished and linked in. Work on No 5 started. Headline ->  8/6/06 - After only one day (officially) live I added a 4th progress report to the new 'SAK Rebuilt!' section yesterday, and the good(?) news is that last night I did some more filming and will be adding a 5th report very soon! Anyway you can now read 'SAK Rebuilt! Progress Report No 4'.

6/6/06 Details - Have finished the new SAK Rebuilt section of the SAK pages and linked it in. It currently has 3 progress reports and an easy edit to add the next one. Headline ->  6/6/06 - After several lunch-hours of (fairly) hard work, I have sorted out some reasonably up to date pictures of the work being done on the SAK project and created a sub-section of the SAK pages to display them on called SAK Rebuilt!.

29/5/06  Details ->  Noticed today that a feature I prepared in 2003 using fresh East Lancs diesel gala pics never got linked in. A simple job but I am kicking myself for forgetting and have linked it in now! Headline ->  29/5/06 - I have only just noticed that due to a slip-up I forgot to link in a 12-page feature I prepared three years ago! (Shows you how often I browse my own website, doesn't it!) However the photos are as good (or bad!) as they were in 2003 so I have sorted out a few typos and link errors and can now present:- The East Lancs Diesel Week 2003.

26/5/06  Details ->  First new photo feature for a long time, plus some updating of Feature Index intro which badly needed some re-wording!. Headline -> 26/5/06 Three updates in a week! I will get brain fever at this rate! Anyway I have today rushed through my first 'regular' photo feature for some considerable time due to having gone to see the annual Fort William Steam ECS Passing Coatbridge on 25/5/06.

24/5/06  Details ->  Finally got the SAK pages linked in. Did some work on the layout of the home page to provide pic links to main sections. Headline -> 24/5/06 Two updates in a week - that's two more than I managed in the whole of 2005! But a bit less surprising when I tell you that I have been working on and off (mostly off) for a year or so on a set of pages about the railways of Clackmannanshire (where I live) and have finally got my act together and got them into a viewable state (prompted of course by the rapid progress on the SAK project recently). Since it is a whole new section in it's own right, you will find a link to it below, but for those in a hurry here is a direct link to Jeff's SAK Pages

19/5/06  Details ->  Put a 'stop-press' SAK picture on the home page. Headline -> 19/5/06 It's been a long time since I updated the site and I am not ready for a big update right now either (soon, soon...) , but I took a picture this morning that I want to make available right away. I visited the level-crossing on the Cambuskenneth Road at Causewayhead this morning as a small detour on my way to Glasgow to see what progress had been on the 'SAK' project and was amazed to find that the contractors have been welding rails together preparatory to laying sleepers and doing final assembly on the track. Apart from work within the site of the former Kincardine Power station this is the first sign I have seen of tracklaying. Enjoy!  <Picture>

25/2/04  Details ->  Added a page as described below. Headline -> 25/2/04 A whole year has gone by during which I have been too busy or too de-motivated to do website updates. Sadly, this is just like me!!! However it's never too late to get back to doing updates (not with a site like this anyway) and I promise to try just a little harder. My addition today is very small however, as it is a single page about 'Suggested Categories Of New Railway Line'  in connection with a thread on the 'scot-rail' email group (which I recommend). Typically I have managed to post to the group the wrong URL, so I just saved the file under both names...

18/2/03  Details ->  Added a rushed feature of the pictures I took of the northbound 'Hogwarts Express' at Carstairs. Headline ->  18/2/03 Not had the time or the inclination to do updates recently (Happy New Year by the way!) but I took a day off work yesterday to travel down to Carstairs and see the 'Hogwarts Express' pass through on its way to Fort William to do a weeks filming. I got a fair amount of camcorder footage and 34 digital pics, and I've set the pics up (some what crudely on a single page) as a feature accessible from Jeff's Feature Index. Enjoy. (I'll fix them up better soon, promise!)

1/11/02  Details ->  Fixed up the pics of the railway move under the title 'Heading West!', and linked it from all over the place! Updated the J-Files status page also. Headline ->  1/11/02 I've spent lunchtimes & coffee-breaks this week fixing up my pictures of the move of 26040, the KL100, the BR Standard Brake-van and the MCV in a special section of the J-Files. This is because four different preservations were being moved at the same time, all of which might have their own section of the J-Files one day like 26040 already has. Anyway, the pictures are to be found in a section called Heading West!

24/10/02  Details ->  Two new picture sets in the JCB section of the J-Files. I've also made a small update to the J-Files status page, but I have decided that in future I won't list updates to that here as I hope there will be too many!  Headline ->  24/10/02 Less than a week and I have pushed through an update. Admittedly it is only two modest sized sets of pictures of the JCB in action in the relevant section of the J-Files, but I am out of practice and needed to try something simple! Anyway, I have been getting email recently about the JCB (thanks folks!) so an update of some sort there was overdue.

18/10/02  Details ->  I've updated the J-Files status page and put some paragraphs on the home pages to make up for not having had the time to put up features on the move of 26040 and the other railway stuff on 24th & 25th Sept. I'll need to catch up with that soon though!
         Headline ->  18/10/02 It's been a busy summer for me, both at work and in my preservation efforts. The big news is that 26040 and the three other preserved railway items that my friends and I own have now been moved to the lorry yard at Methil West where we do our preservation work. After many frustrating years (8 if you want to know), including many irritating hitches in the last year or so, we can finally get back to doing railway preservation as well. <PARA> I'd like to say I have reflected all this in the J-Files with a major update, but as I said above, I've been busy! Never mind, it's never too late to add more stuff (I would say that, wouldn't I), and in the meanwhile as well as typing this message, I have updated the status page in the J-Files not only with up to date news on the items showcased in the J-Files, but with news on the preservation projects I ought to add as well. This includes details of item I have only called 'Project M', since I am not ready to add it to the J-Files (as distinct from not having the time!). <PARA> As for the rest of the website, I'm not sure what I will add next, or when it will happen. But keep checking back, as when I am in the mood for updates, things can change almost daily, especially if I am a bit less busy at work! I am glad to say that even with few updates, I still get a few emails from people, and am happy to answer queries and give more information (if I can).

1/7/02  Details ->  I have again rushed through a feature, this time of the Class 58s that passed through Fife at the weekend.
         Headline ->  1/7/02 The second update in a week after almost nothing this year - weird! Anyway, this one is the result of me seeing Class 58s Passing Dysart On 29/6/02 .

28/6/02  Details ->  Rushed through a feature from a trip to Carstairs yesterday evening while it is still fairly topical and thus of interest to someone!
         Headline ->  28/6/02 Updates have been rare lately, but I was in the mood this week both for going somewhere and in putting together a feature about it. As I came back with 103 digital snaps I was faced with a presentation problem as a single page would be too much, and a page for each picture would be impossible. I settled for putting pictures in groups and ended up with 14 pages of varying lengths, but with brief captions, a viewing order, and the ability to jump forward or back thanks to a quick and easy set of page links at the bottom. We'll see how this works out. (Something has to as I am turning out to be a menace with a digital camera!) Here is Law Junction & Carstairs On the Evening Of 27th June 2002 .

1/5/02  Details ->  An interim update just to prove the site isn't abandoned! One new feature only.
         Headline ->  1/5/02 I haven't had time for updates but I have taken a fair number of esnaps in recent months so it's time I made some available. Here is a 'quick & dirty' feature of 58 esnaps I took at Edinburgh Waverley On 21/4/02 ! (Warning - they are on a single web page which might take a while to load!

14/1/02  Details ->  Resuming updates, starting with appropriate message and some bad TJ pics.
         Headline ->  14/1/02 A (Belated) Happy New Year! I'm sorry that I haven't been able to do updates for a while, but I'm hopeful I will have a little more time this year. I'm short of fresh material, but here are a few really bad pics of Thornton Yard from 13/1/02 showing parts of a new coal conveyor under construction.

21/6/01  Headline ->  21/6/01 Went out taking esnaps at Grangemouth and Mossend East Junction last night, and have put the results onto my Rough Cut page in Jeff's Photo Album.

6/6/01  Headline ->  5/6/01-6/6/01 I have started to sort out the pictures that were on my Rough Cut page, and the first feature resulting from that set is Grangemouth On 31st May 2001, featuring distant views of DRS 20314 parked in the TDG container yard. I have used the digital camera to take about 3 dozen more esnaps however, and they are now on my Rough Cut page!

31/5/01  Headline ->  31/5/01  I have added a new page to the Photo Album - the 'Rough Cut' page. It often takes me a while to edit pictures and set them up with web pages, and I am therefore putting some of the raw pictures on a special page to make them viewable faster. I've started it off with esnaps taken today at Grangemouth, Whifflet and Mossend with a cheap digital camera I am trying out. If you can stand the download time, visit Jeff's Photo Album to have a look!

29/5/01  Headline -> 29/5/01 Just as I had decided that the 15 sec auto-advance period on many of my features and my J-Files picture sets was too short, someone else mentioned it in an email! I have therefore set them all to 30 secs. (Some of the captions still say 15 secs, but ignore that as I'm changing them separately.) So if you find any page advancing too fast, email me at once!

7/5/01  Headline -> 7/5/01 Now that the nights are longer and the weather warmer, I've started visiting Mossend Yard again. Here is a set of 26 vsnaps from An Evening At Mossend Yard On 30/4/01 featuring two Class 56s, an EPS 37, the 'Malcom Flyer', and much more besides!

12/4/01 Details ->  3 new features in photo album covering GM & Greenhill. Headline -> 12/4/01
Three topical new features to celebrate Easter.
Firstly a set of vsnaps of Grangemouth On 9th March 2001 showing construction work & loading in the new Malcom railhead, a petroleum tanker train, and the afternoon Freightliner trip working departing.
Next up is The 'Malcom Flyer' Departing From Grangemouth on 28/3/01.
Last, and in this case most (rather than least), is a set of 29 (!) vsnaps of Evening Trains At Greenhill on 4/4/01, which just happens to feature the 'Malcom Flyer' again!

14/3/01 Details -> Added Steve Jones to the list of photo contributors in previous headline and changed second date to 14/3/01

5/3/01-8/3/01 Details -> Last entry replaced with this one. Headline ->  I have added 3 extra pictures of 26040 to the J-Files courtesy of Simon Lazenby, Martin Arrand, and John P. Whitby. (I'm continuing to hunt the web for more - nice work but time consuming!)

5/3/01 Details & Headline -> I have added an extra picture of 26040 to the J-Files courtesy of Simon Lazenby's excellent 'Platform 1' website.

16/2/01 Details -> 26040 + extra Rapier pics in J-Files. Headline -> A big addition to the J-Files - about 73 tons and 50'6" worth. Yes, I have finally got around to adding a set of pages about 26040, which I am involved with preserving but haven't made a fuss about before since it has been in storage since 1994. But it seems to me that it is high time, since the J-Files could not be complete without it!

2/2/01-6/2/01 Details - > JCB added to J-Files, many small fixes. Headline - New Year, New Century, New Millenium, New Section In My Website! Almost since I set up this website I have featured a modest number of personal preservation pictures, but I felt it was long overdue for me to give preservation the space it deserves. So I am pleased to unveil a complete new section devoted to my preservations. Please visit the J-Files !  

2/2/01 - Details -> After plugging away all week, I have created and put live the 'J-Files'. They start only with the Recovery, Cub and Rapier, and even these need more pics, but it is a start. JCB not moved over. Class26, Std Brake-van, MCV and Viking still to be scanned/captured and added. Previous preservation pics still in the album - will fix this soon!

26/1/01 - Details -> New feature showing a train at Methil PS in1996. The new 'slide-show' html code is now standard for new features. Headline -> My first new feature of the year is taken from 1996 camcorder footage and shows a Train Departing From Methil Power Station

23/1/01 - Photo features 3,4 & 5 updated with std colour scheme, captions and new 'slide-show' html code.

17/1/01 - Details - Photo features 1 & 2 updated with std colour scheme, captions and new 'slide-show' html code. Headline - Welcome to a new year, decade, century & millennium! (Don't believe the hype a year ago - simple historical facts and primary school arithmetic make 2001 the correct year.) After a (much needed) break I have started the year (etc) by trying to produce a automatic slide-show in my photo features. Since I haven't been able to scan anything in recently, I chose to re-visit my first four photo features to bring their appearance up to date, add captions, and try out the 'slide show' code. The results can be seen by going to my Photo Features page.

21/9/00 - 2 new photo features - Polmadie open Day on 16/9/00 and Whifflet on 5/5/00.

20/9/00 - 4 more new photo features - Motherwell, Mossend, Polmadie and Newton. All taken from my mammoth day out on 5/5/00.

18/9/00 - 2 new photo features with vsnaps of a derailed EMU at Glasgow Central and of some trains at Cardonald, all taken on 5/5/00.

14/9/00 - New photo feature with vsnaps from an evening I spent at Carstairs on 5/5/00. 

7/9/00 - New photo feature on the Bo'ness & Kinneil Diesel Day held on 3/9/00. The supply of vsnaps is limited only by my access to the necessary equipment.

6/9/00 - The recent photo feature on Grangemouth has been revised with 3 extra pictures showing the first rake of  container flats to visit the yard.

4/9/00 - New photo feature on Whifflet using vsnaps taken from footage shot 2/5/00. Further extension of Monotype Corsiva font usage - will eventually convert all text I think !

31/8/00 - New photo feature of the as yet unfinished Grangemouth container terminal using vsnaps from camcorder footage taken on 24/8/00. Also revised indexes in the photo album.

2/8/00 - Updated to add a photo feature on a steam trip to Mallaig in 1984.

21-27/6/00 - Updated to experiment with format/appearance/colour (improvement was badly needed). An extra links page was added to simplify the home page so that I can expand this website more easily in the future (hopefully).

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