The Millennium Party

Here are some photos of the Millennium party at Rogers, each is a small thumbnail image simply click on any piccy to see it full size. To return to this page simply hit the back button on your browser. If any one wants copies (electronic) let me know which ones and I'll e-mail them to you, printed copies sent by snail mail.

Getting Ready to Party, the tribe prepare to leave Raleigh Ave

A Time Lords nightmare


Mum & Dad

Dad, Alison & Gail


Frys Turkish Delight

Gail showing Pat her aerobic exercises

Always said you were a wee devil

Sights of the 70's

These are my relatives!!

Hmmm where did our genes come from?

Feel the MacForce

After the horror the beauty


More to follow, look forward to embarrassing past moments from the Farley Album here's a sneak preview