My Research Interest:


Monetary Policy, Central Banking, Macroeconomic Theory, Time-Series Analysis, Applied Macroeconomics, Financial Economics






“The Regional Transmission of UK Monetary Policy”, (With S. Dow), 2006, Regional Studies (forthcoming).


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Working Papers


Unit Roots in Inflation and Aggregation Bias” (with J. Byrne and A. Kontonikas). University of Glasgow Discussion Paper 2007-07.


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“The Scale of The Presence of Informal Financial Markets: Challenges for Economic Policy Management in Africa” (with N. Sephuma)




Other publications and work in progress


S Dow, M Klaes and A Montagnoli, “Monetary Policy by Signal”, in D G Mayes and J Toporowski (eds), Open Market Operations and the Financial Markets. London: Routledge. (forthcoming)


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“On the relation between Credit and Asset Prices” (with A. Kontonikas and T. Panagiotidis), May 2004.